2003 Buick Century ABS and Low Trac Lights On Dash

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my 2002buick century code 1232 says acceleration sensor.abs lights on,tract lighte on.what do I do


I have a 2003 buick lesabre limited today 8/6/16 the tranny started slipping really bad i pulled the abs fuse because i have been having problems with the traction control system as well and fixed slipping issue i only want the fuse pull to be a temp fix and am wanting to know what could be wrong


May not be a transmission problem at all. If resetting the traction / ABS system by pulling fuse, that sounds like the traction system is causing a feel like a trans slip. You need to get the computer codes scanned.


Where the abs brake system located on a 2003 buick century


code said right front censor so changed bearing cleard codes all lights came back on checked wires connection checked bearing multi meter wires to plug all good .question is possible abs module ? still has right front code. car is 2003 buick century.


Check the harness on the lower control arm going to the sensor plug. Take it apart and look for broken or corroded wires. This is common. Pull on the wires to see if any stretch. Just because they test good for continuity, does not mean that only 1 or 2 strands are the only thing holding it together, or that a wire is corroded. Also, cheap bearings can also give a code.


Thank you for this information,great help.