1990 Cadillac Battery Goes Dead Overnight and Won’t Start

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  1. Loubna says:

    I did check the fuses are good and the AC is working radio working just the dashboard is making me worry , I don’t know if I have to take it to dealer get it check or what?

    If all the fuses are good, then you may have spiked the system and damaged the instrument cluster.

  2. Loubna says:

    I have Cadillac Deville 2000 I change the battery and my dashboard light is off I can’t see how fast I am going or how much Gas I have any suggestion please .

    Live Chat: You probably blew a fuse while changing the battery. It is quite easy to touch a cable where it shouldn’t go during a battery change. If everything else works fine, check fuses for the interior and/or dash lights. If the fuse is good, you’d have to remove the instrument cluster for further diagnosis and/or replacement.