1990 Cadillac Battery Goes Dead Overnight and Won’t Start

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2 Responses

  1. Loubna says:

    I have Cadillac Deville 2000 I change the battery and my dashboard light is off I can’t see how fast I am going or how much Gas I have any suggestion please .

    Live Chat: You probably blew a fuse while changing the battery. It is quite easy to touch a cable where it shouldn’t go during a battery change. If everything else works fine, check fuses for the interior and/or dash lights. If the fuse is good, you’d have to remove the instrument cluster for further diagnosis and/or replacement.

  2. Loubna says:

    I did check the fuses are good and the AC is working radio working just the dashboard is making me worry , I don’t know if I have to take it to dealer get it check or what?

    If all the fuses are good, then you may have spiked the system and damaged the instrument cluster.