2000 Chevy Camaro Engine Runs Rough

Hi, 2000 Chevy Camaro v6 3.8 motor. Used to stall when driving, replaced plugs wires, and a coil pack and runs good, but seems to stall out on turns, but not all of the time, code p0300 comes on and goes off. Not sure what it is, and also starts hard at times.

Have you checked fuel pressure?

Yes, its about 48 at start up and changed the fuel filter.

Ok, that is in the ballpark….what about the fuel pressure regulator? It could possibly have a leak, you can check it by removing the vacuum line to it and looking for fuel or the smell of gas.

That was the next thing i was going to check tomorrow, if its not that, any other causes? Where is that on this motor.

Well, if it happens mainly on turns, I’d really think it fuel related, unless you possibly have an ignition wire or electrical harness rubbing somewhere causing your misfires/stalling on turns when the engine or drivetrain moves. The fuel pressure regulator is located at the back of the fuel rail, on the drivers side. It’s pretty easily accessible.

If thats the case, i took off that hose, and gas was spitting out of it while running.

Then the diaphragm has ruptured and you would need to replace the regulator. Nothing should be coming out of it. I wouldn’t do it while the vehicle is running…get the car hot, turn it off, then remove the vacuum line to check for leaks. You don’t want to start a fire if it’s a bad leak and you have the engine running!

Correct, if it’s good, nothing should come out…but even if there is nothing, at least put your nose to the vacuum line…even the hint of gas smell, I would replace the regulator.

I will do that as it had gas coming out of the unit, not sure if was the hose.2011 Chevrolet Camaro Picture

Yes, gas would come out of the regulator if it is bad.

Great, thanks very much for your help.

No problem, glad to help! Have a nice evening.


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  • Travis

    Hi, I have a 1992 Chevrolet Camaro rs 305 tbi/t5 5 speed. The issue I’m having is my gas pedal is extremely stiff and sticky for about the first quarter to half throttle, and only feels this way with the engine running. With the car turned off I pressed the pedal and it felt smooth and normal like it should, I then started the car and pressed the pedal again and it was extremely stiff and sticky. It’s been suggested that the butterflies in the throttle body are to far closed during idle or possibly the throttle shaft and throttle shaft bores are worn. I have inspected the throttle cable and it seems to be freely moving and in good repair. Hoping you can help me out with this. Thanks

    Live Chat: A lot of times, this situation is caused by carbon build up on the throttle blades and/or throttle bores. Excessive carbon slows the movement of the throttle blade and it can actually feel ‘sticky’ when you put your foot on the gas. You might want to try a good throttle body cleaning using carb spray or brake cleaner. Usually that will take care of the problem, but since your vehicle is older, you could have build up in places you can’t get to without removing and disassembling the throttle body or even having to replace it.

  • Aliesta

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