Chevrolet Equinox Brakes Vibrate And Warning Lights

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I have a 2007 Chevy Equinox and the service traction control light stays on most of the time. What causes this I have had to two shops and they didn’t know what is was. One said maybe EGR valve.


No, this is definitely not an EGR valve problem. A traction problem is usually caused by a faulty wheel speed sensor. This will usually also cause an ABS warning light.


I too have had numerous brake issues , tc and abs light, replased besring hubs, srnsors still have the issurs, it is currently in the shop and they called and said its the besring and sensor again, sorry that is not the issue, i need this fixed!!!

Lee Tompkins

I had an vibrating breaks and an ABS light on, found 6 plugs(4 front, 2 back) to spray with contact cleaner and no help. Finally the last plug fixed the problem. Next time I will add grease to this plug. It has 4 wires on the plug, it is under the car in the center between the rear tires. This really did the trick!!

Thank for the info.

Steve D

2006 Equinox LT – My 3 climate control lights are out, but all the surrounding lights work fine. Any idea what this could be?

Steve D

My 3 climate control lights are out, but all the surrounding lights work fine. Any idea what this could be?

Izzy G.

My engine control light, on 2010 Chevy Equinox, has been on and off for about two months. It began after our area was blanketed with smoke from forest fires. When I took it in for diagnosis today, I was told the Actuator Solenoids need replacing.
8 months ago, pistons, rings, balance shaft chain, timing chain & fuel pump were all replaced after a oil leak discovered. Could the current problem with Solenoids be related to the forest fire smoke or to the oil leak?

george degraw

06 equinox brake pedal pumps up at end stop sometimes an a slight vibration, also have a what sounds like a rubbing sound at all times, that I was told was a wheel bearing, don’t know, that started all at once, thank you…..


A vibration in the brakes is usually caused by a warped brake rotor. A rubbing sound would be a bad hub bearing. Read this article which explains how to determine which hub bearing is bad. It is about a Ford, but still applies…


How difficult is it to replace the sensor wiring harness?


If you get the complete harness, it just plugs in on both ends. If it it just what they call a pigtail, then you must solder the wires into he vehicles harness.


i have a 2005 equinox when i hit the brakes it vibrates and sounds like something scrubbing and also my abs light and a light that says t/i what is that

Front rotors are warped. Get the computer scanned for the warning lights. You have an ABS and/or traction control problem.


What does t/c light indicates on a 05 Chevy Equinox?

ProTech: The light and switch with t/c stands for Traction Control.

I have a 2006 LT Chevy equinox my car was riding fine all of a sudden it start raining & my roof & both side start leaking. This has never happened ever. In this vehicle or ant car never. I run in the library for 5mins come out start the car up & the engine, TC, & some other light that looks like the engine light but w/arrow pointing downward come on & the car wouldnt move.


Well, it sounds like you have a sunroof. These are known for causing electrical problems. A common problem on the Chevy Equinox is a connector on the drivers side of the dash. Open the door and remove the panel on the dash. You will find a large connector. Disconnect it and look for corrosion. Usually it will be green. If you find that, clean it up real good, clear the codes in the computers, and then fix the water leak. Most likely the drains are clogged.


my abs and tc light stays on just had hub bearing replace and light still on


If the hub bearing did not fix your ABS and traction light, then most likely there is a broken wire in the small harness to that sensor. Usually just a few inches from the connector of the hub, around the lower ball joint.


My 2002 lincoln ls v8 check advance tracting light comes on and my car would go dead please help


Hi 2006 G6 GT I replaced hub bearings notes very rusty in side poss. problem reading.