Chevy Impala Lights Clicking And Flashing After Battery Replaced

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I have a 2007 Chevrolet Impala LT that stalled in reverse, how do I get the shifter to return to Park.


Sounds like a problem with the voltage regulator on the alternator

imparla man

Lights flicking, security light on, relay clicking, dash going dead, but car starting and running normal. What the hell is going on.


This is a common problem on the Chevy Impala. The body control module (BCM) is bad and needs to be replaced.


Hi I’m having a problem with my 2002 Chevy impala when I turn the switch all lights go on but I get no crank no start could you help


Ok Thannks so much for your help


I unplugged each BCM plug one at a time but got no relay clicking or dash lamps.
When you said one at a time this means unplug one,then plug it back in and then go to the next plug correct??? I should not have disconnected all 3 together correct? I also removed the right front seat, unplugged the theft module on the floor and checked all connections but saw nothing abnormal nor at the BCM plugs no corrosion was apparent. I also unplugged the power trunk plug at the lock and put it back.After I did all this the car started,ran fine so drove it 15mins, all was ok. Came home today locks and relays were clicking and Battery was drained.I consulted my local Chevy dealer who said it is the Bcm what do you think???



I found a great way to test the BCM on an 04′ Impala. Had clicking relays, headlights flashing etc. Body Control Module is over your lft knee when sitting in the drivers seat. Under the dash and in a pocket up next to the firewall. Unplug all three plugs, take it out of the pocket and put in in your deep freezer for an hour and take it quickly out to your car and plug it quickly back in and all will work as new. As it warms back up it will start to foul up again but you have verified that this is the problem. The circuit bird inside will crack leading to malfunctions. The freezing temporary adjoins the circuits until it warms back up. This sounds stupid but it works. I then ordered the BCM off Amaxon for $129. Dealer wanted $300. I put it in in the dealers parking lot so the dealer could program the new BCM for $102. All worked fine and car was sold to a friend and all is still well.


Yes, that is the way to disconnect them. The module under the passenger seat is not the theft module, it is the airbag module. Why did you think that? It could have been a very bad day if you clunked or tapped on it. It could have set off the airbags ! Yes, if the lights are flashing with the car off, then i do think it is the BCM.