2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Security Light and Won’t Start

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Ok i got a 2004 ss monte carlo car will crank but not fire i bought the car from a family member who had took a push starter off the car. Now when i turn on the car the dash show a battery picture it says sercurity and it has the check engine light on. I check the fuel pressure thats fine the compression is fine do i have to change the crank sensor


I have a 2004 monte Carlo and all of a sudden the key won’t turn at all. Why?


The ignition key or key cylinder may be messed up. Look closely at the key to see if it is bent. If it looks ok, then try to spray some WD-40 into the key cylinder, work the key in and out and see if that frees it up. If it does, I would still get it replaced as this may be just a temporary fix.

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My car does start and run. How do I reset the passlock security light. And if I shut of the alarm (PASS LOCK). will this do any harm to my car


i have a 2004 chevy m carlo ss,, today it would not turn over and the security light came on and the alarm went off, I had to disconnect the horn.. It came on after 15 minutes on its own. that happen twice this week, do I need to replace the key cylinder. I reset the settings to original…I don’t use the remote control key, just one regular key. It as happened for a few years now when I took it to the dealer to bypass the passcode..




I have an 04 Monte Carlo is, I tried to start it and it won’t crank, and the security light and check engine light is on


Yes, the ignition modlue when first failing will cause the engine to die when it warms and start back up after it has a chance to cool (not necessarily cold.If the chack engine light is on, it would be a good idea to have the codes scanned to see if there is a misfire present. If there is a misfire and a loss of coolant, you may have a . You can scan the codes your self at home. Here is how to do it along with code desciptions:


I have a 2004 Ss Chevy Monte Carlo dat want start the security light is flashing I turned the key forward for about 15mins and its still doing tha same thing can u tell what I can do about this


Most likley the Passlock sensor. Do a search and you will find many articles on the subject.

I had to pull the dash to change the heater coil in the 03 monte carlo, now it will turn over and not start. Do you suspect that I have engaged the security system to lock? will unpluging and removing dash parts result in security system lock down on my MC? and i have tried all the “kitchen sink” techniques for re setting the system, none of them work.

You can try the 30 minute relearn procedure. If that does not work, then i would think you left something unplugged.


I have the same problem with my 2003 2 lock cylinders later in 3 years..it is still there.

Security light is on and it a crap shot sometimes whether it will start,,,,,


2001 Chevy Monte Calro will not turn security light on reseting still no go when car siting headlights blink and drains battery is there away to disconet alarm.