Chevrolet S-10 Truck Starting Problems Answered

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I have a 2002 s10 4.3 it has 150000 miles on it….it started cutting off in sept 2016 I have been replacing ingtio. Parts since..well they r all new now and now I have no power showing at the coil …I have checked all wires back to the fuse and E C M.or cumputer if you call it that. All seem to be good..
All new..
Rotar button
Pick up or cam sensor
Crank sensor
Plugs and wires
Fuel filter in the early stages thought it may. E a fuel supply issue…have since bought my own pressure gauge hold 58-62 constantly.
I am losing my mi d I have been working on my own cars all my life this one is making me crazy…Help Please

I have 1999 S-10 starts and runs down road fine , but when stop to go into store and come out few minutes later it will crank but no start, if leave it set for bout 15 min then try starting it will fire up and run what should check fuel regulator or coil?


I had same problem,I replaced the ignition switch never happened again!


my battery is fully charged in my pickup but when i try to start it it just gives one click and not several clicks like a nearly dead battery. could this be a silinoid or starter problem or is something just stuck that could be easily fixed? my pickup is a 2002 chey s-10 pickup.


i have a 97 s10 it died going down the road now it wont start. i have spark but no gas to injectors. fuel pump is on any suggestions?


I’ve replaced my coil,cap,rotor and ignition module tested everything with a test light everything has power til I turn it over……still no spark


battery fully charged but won’t crank at all


Change the fuel pump and filter still doesn’t have pressure what is going on


1997 chevy s10/wont accelorate/but idles fine?


got a 1997 s10 it starts good but its like it does not want to take the gas. Plz help!!


2000 S10. 2.2L No start. Cranks and then starts for about 2 secs then shuts off. Have spark & fuel pressure is good. No engine light on, even durning self check. Tried using a scan tool, no communications with truck. Any help?


Check your fuses my 02 s10 usesd the fuse beside drivers side dash for radio and Gage’s for power to scan tool plug I. Under dash…I think it is number 2 ??slot


I have a 99 s10 4.3 I have replaced fuel pump and distributor cap and still doing same thing. I have to keep cranking over and over sometime for a hour until it starts once starts fine all day starts every time but next morning same thing what could it be please


the coil Add Your Comment Or Question Here…


99 S 10 2200 chevy– ran good for three blocks, started missing and backfiring and soon quit completely I thought timing chain but it is not, so now what???// Any thoughts???


I have a 2002 Chevy s-10 4.3. It was stalling out and bogging down then I had the plugs and wires changed then it wouldn’t start, it would crank, spraying starter fluid in it would make it start and would run fine then we replaced the fuel pump and it take an initial spray then after running it it would start by itself if it didn’t sit longer then three or four hours, then you would have to use starting fluid. We just replaced the fuel filter and it still won’t start on its own……help


Add Your Comment Or Question Here…try the air meter


Starts idles but dirs when you accelerate but if you pedal it. The motor will accelerate.until you come back to idle . Then it it dies. What would cause this

Josh T

I have a 02 Chevy s10 with a 2.2 and I put new plugs and wires and did a pressure Check and it pulled a 90psi an I can’t get it to get fire what could cause it to not be firing


coil or crank sensor..

I have this same issue and can’t figure it out.

Got s10 98 got good battery.. Truck starts but won’t budge then dies out


I have a 95 Chevy s10 2.2 4cylinder. Put a new fuel pump in fuel filter is ok , put new spark plugs and still won’t crank..


try changing your crank sensor


2003 s-10 4.3l it has 50lbs. Fuel pressure and it’s getting fire to the plugs and it wants to start but don’t. And a security code comes up on the scanner

Edward Baxter

I’m the one who posted about my 89S10 pickup 2.5 Lt 4cyn stick 169.000 miles can’t get it to stay running I have to nurse it by pouring fuel in throttle body and runs for seconds.New fuelpump sisters boyfriend installed
He even checked all power to it and said all good but still won’t start and his ass gave up and left.My dad was an awesome mechanic but he died harabley 9 mths ago of toung and throat cancer he would of had no problem.God I miss my dad he was the greatest man I ever met I need him back miss him terribly.Please help me everyone has jumped ship and I’m lost.Thanks Ed my cell 540-498-6816


fuel injectors or air meter or crank sensor

Edward Baxter

Please help with my 89 s10 Chevy pckup 2.5 Lt 4cyn stick.I got the truck 3 yrs ago and only replaced water pump and I always did oil changes every 3000 miles replaced plugs, wires, even fuel filter 7 months ago also new cap@rotor.Ok to start with my gas gauge never worked so I only put 10.00 worth of fuel in at one time since I got the truck.Ok this is what happened was doing about 65ml when my truck did something new it hesitated almost like it lost fuel pressure for not even 2 sec so i rezoomed driving same spd for 3 blocks and all at once my truck shut off I tried starting and couldn’t get engine to run almost wore my battery down trying.I had it towed to my house.My sistersriend is good with cars and him and his friend said bad fuel pump I disagreed and said bad fuel injecter.When I pour alittle gas in throttle body truck fires up and runs great then dies.So i took my sisters boyfriends advice and got a new fuelpump and truck still won’t run.I opened fuel line not 4 inches from TBI intake and gas spews out nice I’m also getting spark even bypassed fuel filter with a hose and no filter and no start still.Only runs when i pour fuel directly into throttle body.MY LORD NOW 4 GUYS STUMPED HELP


We’re you able to solve? I have very same issue.

Daniel Hayslip

I am having the same exact problem and can’t find anyone that knows. I am in serious need of getting my 88 s10 2.5 running ASAP if you fix your problem please let me know.

Pour gas in the throult body it run until gas gone fulepump pump gas to the throultbody but won’t spray lost

samuel shively

Okay guys I have a 1990 s10 pick up that was running like crap back firing and stalling then one day it stop running all together I have changed the rotor the disrupted the wires and the plugs but now it will crank but not start its getting gas and fire so now what I was leaning towards the map sensor so soul I be in the right thinking could the map sensor be what I bad


air meter


I have a 98 S-10 truck quit running thought it was the fuel pump changed it truck just cranks no start replaced crank sensor and still no start need help thanks.


Hello my name is Ernie I have a 1995 S10 pickup with a 4 cylinder motor. My problem is either my fuel pump or relay fuse.The truck does not make the sound it should when I turn the switch it has never been sluggish when accelerating can someone please help me this is only way going and my wife and I both are on disability please help


We have a 1999 s10 ls pickup 2.2l that wont start. It cranks, and after a little cranking you can smell the gas fumes. We’ve even tried engine start to no avail. replaced both coils and the ignition module, checked all fuses and relays and am about to go bald. A suggestions short of dynamite would help.


I’m having same issue, did you figure it out, I have an 02 s10 2.2 replaced coil packs fuel filter fuel pump, crankshaft sensor, it has spark, but will not send power back to pump, I used a jumper wire to make sure pump runs and it does but it still wouldn’t start even with jumper in

I got a 1995 s10 replaced everything but the camshaft sensor im getting power out coil but its constant it wont spark my test light. Im stumped checked wires fuses does the camshaft do anything with the spark out of coil


1998 s 10. 4.3 Chevrolet Times my truck fires up runs good sometimes it fires up then shuts off then then after 7 8 times it will fire up sometime I wait 3 min between tries.


Hi!, my name is Jimmy, I have a 1995 Chevy pick up truck S-10. I did not drive it for a month, then I tried to drive it, the engine cranks but it didn’t start completely. I put some gas in the intake and it worked just for 20 seconds and then goes off. I did the same several times, but it was the same…(off). Is it bad function of the fuel pump relay? or the fuel pump itself?. Please help me…


Hello ok 1994 s10 blazer two wheel drive bad transmission. But started and ran great!
I bought a second Blazer same year color everything except the newest one is 4 wheel drive
ran crappy great running gear.

changed fuel pump twice every sensor at least once top plenum fuel relays brain twice prom,
shrader valve fuel filter orings catalitic converter the spider has been re-worked new fuel pressure regulator.
AND IT STILL WONT START! still wont hold fuel pressure…….WHY?


99 s10 I have to pour fuel in thottle body to crank and then only get about half thottle before it begins to cut out help


My 1989 s-10 2.5 engine. Lets too much fuel into the throttle body. It’s going into the cylinders. So far I have put a mapsensor on. Changed the one and only injector,and a new fuel pressure regulator. What will fix it.


new computer


Hey guys I got a 98 Chevy s10 pickup with the 4cyl. Someone pulled the old starter wire and added onto it with a new starter wire, and reattached it to the starter up and over the engine. Still wouldn’t start. I found if you move the big wire to a sweet spot my headlights will turn on and the truck is able to start up but once you move the wire again it dies. So I removed both power wires that were added together and put a new starter wire in the right way. Truck still won’t start even if you move the new wire under the truck cause there’s no lose connections or anything. Send me a text or an email. 9283015096


I have a 92 chevy s10 that wont start unless gas is oyred in thottle body but then runs fine, also u have to cradle the gas pettle lightly to slowly pick up speed cant an cant speed up passed 50. Push gas slightly too hard an it boughs down an will die if pettle isnt let off? Pump works an once running both injectors soray fine. Im tbinking its a sensor but not mechanically inclined an dont know where to start


Why is my 2000 chevy s10 truck not start sometimes. I finally got it started today and notice that my clock had lost 4 hours over night. Every one tells me it’s my starter, but now I’m wondering since I noticed the different in time on my clock


I have a 2000 s10 v-6. Its had a fuel pump replaced almost 3 years ago. I had new intake gaskets and complete tune up done last summer. Today after driving it for 10 minutes I shut it off to run in the store. When I came out to start the truck it didn’t want to start. It turns over fine. It finally started and I took kids to the park for a while. Got in it to leave it started right up. Got home turned it off then tried to start it it wouldn’t start. I had my neighbor turn the key while I listened for the fuel pump to him. It sounded fine. You think its electrical? My engine light isn’t on. My hose from where you put the gas in to the tank leaks a little around the clamps when I fill it up but after the truck uses gas it stops. Any suggestions? Hoping its not the fuel pump because they are very expensive for that truck and it was replaced new within the last five years. It also just had a fuel filter replaced when I got the tune up.


Having the same problem with my ’94 Chevy s10 , have replaced the fuel pump twice new relay it runs fine for a lil while then it just doesn’t want to start , next day or more it will start again! Wondering if it is some kind of overheating safety mechanism?

I talked to a guy named Larry who runs J and L auto in Owensboro, Ky. He said its not electrical and if it starts and runs fine it sounds like the fuel pressure regulator that can be purchased separate of fuel pump. It had a fuel pump replaced nearly three years ago.


OK thank you I’ll try that , I had only replaced the fuel pump itself

Should I hear fuel pump when turn on my chevy s10 1994




I got a 94 Chevrolet S10 I put a new fuel pump in it change relay got power to pump but pump will not come on check ground wires they look good what could it be change


Yes. When you turn the key on, the pump should prime for about 2 seconds. Then when cranking it should run constantly.


I have a2000 Chevy s10 I just replaced the starter. Drove it home it drunk up twice then nothin not even a click in noise had the battery tested its good good connection whats going on


I have the same problem. I have checked starter, battery, Ignition switch and nothing happen. It happen to start then 3 days later the same problem


It is possible that the new starter is no good, unless this condition is the same as the reason you replaced it. If so, then you may have an ignition switch problem or a security system problem. The “:theft or security light” would be illuminated.


I have a 1996 s-10 Chevrolet truck, it trys to crank but want happend all of a sudden. Can it be a electrical problem


So my truck would turn over but not start so I replaced the fuel pump I used to be able to put fuel in the throttle to get it going but now that doesn’t work anymore don’t know what to do next


I was driving my 2001 s10 and it bogged down like it was out of gas and died it turns over the filter and pump are working I put gas in the carborator and it almost ran but never fully started any ideahs

Sounds like the fuel pump went bad. Just because you can hear the pump run does not mean it has enough pressure.


same syptoms but already replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, I have spark, but even with new pump I cant hear pump kick on, I’m hard of hearing so I had my son listen and he said no noise from fuel tank, any suggestions, thank you in advance


i have a 2000 chev s10 and it will start if u hold throttle to the floor but u left off the gas it dies ive clened the throttle body put new plugs and changed the coil packs

Sounds like you have a low fuel pressure problem. If the fuel pump does not put out at least 55 PSI it wont start.

Thanks for all your help. There is some great info on this page !

You are very welcome !

Ted Roosevelt

I just put a new fuel pump on my truck and it still will not pump fuel to my carb. And my fuel pump is mounted on to the motor. Why else wouldn’t it pump gas

A friend has a chevy s10 and at 238 miles with at least half a tank of gas engine wont start till even just a gallon of gas is added

John Tod

It needs more fuel pressure to start than it does to keep running.
More than 50lbs will run the motor but it takes 66 to 70 to start it.


I poured gas straight into throttle body and my 2001silverado wont start, I do not hear my fuel pump buzz when I turn on ignition, but shouldnt it start with gas pour straight into???

1995 Chevy silverodo, truck starts up but when I put it in Drive it stalls and shuts off. HELP


My dads truck won’t start it sits over night then when we try start it in morning it just turns over it does it every morning we sprayed starting fluid in it and it still didn’t start

jack robinson

i have a 1995 s10 it wont turn over unless you jump it, put 4 different batteries in it (not new) put new starter on it. acts like there is juice in battery, but wont turn over until you put jumpers on it.


I have a 1999 s 10 extreme It will not start or run unless you pour fuel in the throttle body after that runs out it dies I have put new intake gasket and new plenum gaskets on also a new fuel pump.what could I do to make it start and run.thanks

93 gmc 4.3l FI runs but dies out loss of power after 5 mins of running then wont start for 2 hours new pump new ing coil i think its a press reg. Fuel drops what do u think


I have 99 s10 2.2ltr engine wont start unless I hold throttle half way down


sounds like crankshaft positioning sensor


98 s10 chevy truck will start then die out checked fuel pump checked fuse pressure what might be the problem


OK so I got a 1997 chevy s10 blazer with the vortex in it. I had just replaced the fuel pump but now my shifter in the car won’t shift in to any of the gears and it will crank up and run. It just won’t shift into any gears like something is stopping it. Any ideas??


Bad tranny

I have 94 full size blazer with 350. I just put a 350 turbo transmission in it. Went to crank it but won’t start fuel pump is priming changed fuel filter it will fire up and run as long as u pour gas in throttle body but dies as soon as u stop. What could this be?

Will Davis

I have a 94GMC Sonoma..have replaced fuel pump, computer,module, has good fuel pressure.. Pour fuel in the intake but will momentary start then shut off..but has good fuel pressure at rear of motor..replaced the fuel meter body. you have any idea or any suggestions?

Mr. Mechanic

Have 94 S10. Replaced fuel pump filter and strainer. Was sputtering on acceleration would idle fine but no throttle. Idled with 10 lbs. Pressure at rail. 2.2 litre. In this senario usually pump but you can try to change fuel filter. When putting new pump ALWAYS change filter. Good luck !!


I had the same problem with the no start and it was the fuse located in the fuse box under the hood that goes to the ECM. The fuse was blown.


My friend had the se problem and it was key switch so you try that


i have a 1999 s10 i put a new fuel pump on it and a filter now the truck wont start unless i pour gas in the carb what should i check next

Burt Ward

98 4.3 sonoma. Going down a steep hill, I downshifted the auto to 3. It gets to bottom of hill and stalls. I roll into side lot and try to restart it. It won’t start and the battery dies. I tow it home and begin restoration process. I first diagnosed a weak spark situation. May have been like that a long time. I pull a used coil that tested in limits, $3. I also pulled a used ICM $10. I went ahead and took the cap as it looked better than mine $3. I get it all put on and it sputters. I figured its flooded. I cranked it on and off for a day and finally it fires off and runs great. I will most likely need a starter next.

I also have the dreaded fuel regulator issue. The short term workaround is to remove the connector to the vacuum sensor. It does bog down when accelerating though.
It could also use new wires and plugs. I may sell it instead because that job on the 98 Sonoma is not nice at all.

I also have the windshield wiper gremlin. I’ll fix it at the next Pull-a-part electrical sale. Its needs a controller from a newer model that fixed the glitch that causes the intermittent to fail and makes it stop mid windshield.

guy brown

I have a2002s10truck w/4cycle. It starts but then dies right away please help

Mechanic JK

Sounds like a bad fuel pump. Have the fuel pressure checked when starting it.

stacy steel

01chevy s10 4.3 just died going 70 mph on the freeway starts back but dies when I put it in gear. Has new fuel pump


To s10 no power on fuel pump. Check ground on frame at back of bed in frame on left


I have a 1995 s10 2.2… it will start and idle all day but when you go to drive it will or sometimes try to shut off? any ideas oh and it is a 5 spd.


I have 1998 chev s10 it does the same thing it will start up and idle it wants to kill on me every now and then not all the time the gauges go crazy for a second then of


It sound like you need a new ignition switch


1989 s10 4.3 was sitting for 6 months because fuel pump went out it wasnt getting fuel to throttle body injectors . replaced pump and now its getting fuel through the injectors and acts like it wants to start but doesnt fire to run. i have spark and fuel . what could cause it to act like this . it acts as if its getting ready to start but wont fire up to run


I have a 02 4.3 s10 that I just bought that will start only when I spray starter fluid in it (I know this is bad) I can hear the fuel pump running no sure what the pressure is. Anyhow once is gets running it idles fine. I can even rev it up when in park without stalling or missing. once I put it in drive it seems to do fine unless I have to punch it. it usually doesn’t stall but will from time to time. however if im going up a hill or if im giving a lot of gas is starts to sputter through the intake. there is no indicator lights on any ideas?


Your truck has low fuel pressure. Just because the fuel pump runs does not mean the pressure is high enough.


My S-10 1998 PU is puzzling me. . . I’ve owned it for a long, long time (12 years) but when I turn the corner it cuts out and dies — all of a sudden — the garage doesn’t know what to make of it It’s my bud and I hate to park it permanently Help anyone?


check or wires shortin out on the frame or body check all grounds


Again check all pulleys on the serpentine belt they will kill engine at low speed all it takes is one bad bearing.

Peter Heavy Runner

I drive a 1998 Chev Blazer 4.3. Vortec. I was driving one day and I noticed my RPM running high so I tried kicking it dwn and it would kick dwn. The blazer then began to jerk n loose power and was making a klicking sound near the starter area. The blazer then began jerking and losing power then stalled. It started once but would not stay running. The blazer then would not start but all lights on the dasboard are on. I thought it may have been starter so I changes the starter n pute a new battery it still wonblt srart help to give?


That could be a lot of a things. If the engine was making noise and now will not crank over, the engine may be locked up.


check your power steering pump, alternator, belt tensioner any thing running on the serpentine belt if you have an alternator bearing lock up it will stop you motor at low speed and will not be able to turn it over. Easy test is take belt off see if it starts if it does start spinning the pulleys.


I have a 95 s-10,4.3 vortec, one day I parked it and couldn’t get it to start, I changed fuel pump and it comes on but all it will do is sit there and crank but won’t start? It seems to b gettin plenty of fuel where u can purdge it up by throttle body, dnt have a fuel pressure checker or woulda done that?? Any ideas would b greatly appreciated, been messin w this dang thing for months now ever since I bout it


99 s10 4.3 w vin done engine swap and could only get it to run by pouring fuel in to TBI. Then would run. Hooked computer on it and it came up crankshaft sensor so I got that and the sensor on distributor. Replaced them both. It fired but only on three cylinders on the drivers side. What is going on??


i have99 gmc Sonoma 4.3 when I turned engine off then wont start cranks over good just wont start help


I have a 94 s-10 2.2. 5spd. I just put a used motor in had a miss and narrowed it down to a bad injector on 3 cylinder. When I was taking it apart 4 injector cracked and I replaced it to. And replaced 1 as well. I had a few leaks but got those fixed. My problem is every time you start it. It is review wide open. I have had bad luck with this truck. Can anyone please tell me what could be wrong. Thank you very much


OK I have 2000 Chevy blazer Lt 4.3 vortex I am having issues I am tired of fixing and guessing OK so I was told need complete tune up fine did it coil packs and fuel filter my vehicle starts fine then maybe about 3-5starts after won’t start I wait like 15 min then it starts?? Fuel pump sending unit ??? Or injectors?? Or who knows PLEASE HELP Me a.s.a.p


I have a 1998 s10 4.3 when I start my truck i can hear the fuel pump come on but still wont start


First determine if the ennige is not getting spark or fuel or neither. Then concentrate on that area. Need to know if it cranks over or just clicks when you hit the key?


i fill the truck upcause the gas gage is off so i keep full,and while im driving it will quit running i,ll pull over and wait a minit and it starts up and go,but if i try to give a bunch of gas it wants to die ???


i have a 2001 2.2 and when im drivingthe truck just shuts,down quits running !!!i keep the tank full and the gas is off!!i replaced the fuel fillter can you help?

che reynolds

I have a 2002 s10 no start. Good fuel pressure to filter n to check valve on top of throttle body but will only start if I pour fuel n throttle body then dies after 20 to 30 seconds. Need help


I have a Sonoma 97 2.2 dont know if this is relate need some help my truck runs ands starts normally the problem I am having is that when I am driving and brake to reduce speed an try to resume continue driving on 2 or 3rd gear it stalls a little bit then it continues an it goes away is this problem related to the fuel pump[ some friends have told me must be a bad fuel pump I chek the pressure but since doesn’t have the gauge had to check on the bottom from the fuel filter an it read 40 psi at the most does this means I have a bad fuel pump


i have a 02 s10 truck i push cluch but eng.wot turn over.



Blake h

Guys I’m stomped I have a 1994 2.2 s10 4 cylinder and it will start run about 5 minutes then act like it runs out of gas and shut off then if I wait 5 to 10 minutes it will start and do the same thing. I’ve replaced fuel filter, pump, and fuel pressure regulater , and even ignition control module. And no luck if any 1 has had this happen to them I’ll greatly appreciate so advice I live way out in the country and not to many mechanic’s around any help please feel free


Mine does the same thing please DoD u find out what it is

corene reames

96 chevy truck turns over will start with starter fluid then dies , it seems to be getting gas?


my 95 sonoma 2.2 randomly starts and like clockwork shuts off. the fuel pump seems to come on then cut out and soon after cuts in and out eratically. i also hear the relay doing the same. ive changed crank sensor, egr, fuel pump regulator. help


Possible bad computer.

have not looked but it gets real hot to the touch not very good with newer auto worked on older auto 1969 olds and such.

some of these things are happening to my 1998 chevy s10 truck works good pour a little gas in fuel carb runs good also noticed, ground wire getting hot, would this make it affect, system.


where does the ground come from


i have a 2000 chevy 1500 4.3 v6 im not getting a ground to the injectors i am getting positive to the plug on top of the spider injector any ideas


The computer (PCM) controls the ground. Either you have a broken wire, bad computer or something not telling the computer to fire the injectors.


Is there a sensor that works with the injectors? Because my works with the fuel in the throttle body but when you turnoff injector are not spraying. I changed fuel pump and filter and injectors too.


i mean that it will not start again until i pour some more gas in this 98 sonoma/


I have a gmc sonoma 4.3 v6 , i had a faulty fuel pump and replaced it and now it will only start if i pour gas into the throttle body and then it will run until i turn it off and then it will not crank? what do you think is the problem?


I also have 95 s10 2.2 not getting ground pulse from computer to injectors truck shut off and changed fuel pump ,pressure regulator ,computer,crank sensor checked all grounds on truck has spark has great fuel pressure just injectors not firing on.


94 s10 new full pump has good presure new plugs wires rotor button dis cap don’t think it’s getting fuel to injectors how can I check no check lights on


I have the same problem not getting any signal to the injectors on a 94 2.2lt checked fuel pressure and different sensors basically it will run for a couple of mins then its like the injectors just cut off no signal at all anybody have a clue to this don’t what else to do to it


1999 s10 2.2 New pump no power to the relay and no fuel pressure


IF YA HAD TO GUESS??????????


Well, if i had to guess, the crank sensor code is telling me the crank sensor is bad.


What is the problem is it in the fuel


I thnk you mean the engine cranks but will not start unless the throtle is wide open. Check fuel pressure. Check for a leaking fuel pressure reguator causing a rich condition. The oil would smell like gas.


1999 s10 2.2 engine will not crank unless throttle is wide open


My 01 chevy s10 wont start tested fuel pressure its good I checked cam shaft position sensor it reads at 11v I replaced fuel filter spark plug wires cleaned plugs and distubter cap and roter I have spark and good fuel presdure but don’t know if fuel is reachin the throttle body injectors please help.


You would have to have a fuel pressure gauge and a scanner to turn on the injectors one at a time and watch for a pressure drop to confirm if the fuel injectors are firing or not. Make sure your pressure is at least 55 PSI. Even 1 lb. less, it will not start.

joe cobb

1999 S10 4.3 eng. will not start sometimes after driving pressure bleeds off after the eng is turned off is the fuel pump bad?


The oil is overfull? Make sure it is not from gas. If it is that would explain the pressure bleeding off too. That would be caused by a bad fuel pressure regulator under the intake.

If that is not leaking, the you need pinch off the return fuel line and the then the fuel feed line to stop the bleed back. This will tell you if the problem is the fuel pump or after the pump- like the regulator or an injector.