2001 Chevrolet Silverado Cranks But Will Not Start

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I have a 2001 Silverado 5.3l changed the crank shaft and cam shaft sensor cause they were out still don’t start there’s no spark but don’t have security had it checked in ed Payne for that what can I do it cranks but don’t turn on haven’t checked the injectors but I think there not turning on fuel pressure is good


I have a 2000 silverado (2500/ 4×4/ 6.0), motor turns over, but won’t start. Had a new fuel pump installed 3 months ago, fuel Gage does not move when the key is turned on, even though it has 1/2+ full tank of fuel. Mechanic tried to start it at my home, no luck, put it on the rollback and unloaded at his shop and it started! He has hauled it like this twice now. Tow bill is getting expensive! HELP!


I have a 03 Silverado 1500 4.3 went out to my to start it and it will crank but won’t run its done it to me a few times but would start one up if I gave it a second but not now put new fuel pump in and still nothing it’s got fire and fuel but it won’t start even with starter fluid and I put a new cap and rotor button on about 4 months ago and it’s not a security problem either any help would be great


I replaced everything possible and it turned out to be the distributor have play in it and was still firing but was not finalized so it was out of time but that’s what’s fix my problem I had crank but no start issue but I had Fuel and fire but still wouldn’t start finally replaced all sensors and work my way to the distributor and reset the timing and she fired right up hope this helps anybody else check your distributor to see if there is play pull the cap off and see if it wobbles back and forth up and down if so start there I’ve spent $650 on sensors and Distributors plugs and plug wires and it was a bunch of waste of money and fuel pump hope this helps you


I have a 1999 chevy silverado it won’t start sometimes I have taken to dealer and found nothing wrong I have changed the fuel pump and checked fuel pressure sparks are ok i took it to another shop andbthey said it was the security alarm that was instualled by previous what owner took it off and still will not start sometimes any ideas of what could it be


Ya, those non-factory alarms / remote start system can screw up your truck. The next tie it does not start, see if the security light or symbol is on the sash. If so, you may have a bad sensor in the steering column.

03 Chevy Silverado 5.3 litres cranks but won’t start. There’s no spark and fuel pump isn’t working. I installed a new fuel pump, new crank positioning sensor and tested the computer on another truck and it works fine. HELP!!!


2001 chevy trk not getting fire. Fuel pump working. Changed coil. Not problem. Could it be the module

Yes, it could be the ignition control module. A little common on this truck. Also, the crank position sensor could be the problem.


I’ve have the same problem my 01 sierra 5.3 cranks but those not start. I’ve checked the fuel pressure and its a 50 psi. I checked all the fuses under the hood and in the cabin and all of them are ok. I’ve also changed the spark plugs and wires and its doing the same cranks but wont start what could be wrong?

Fuel pressure is too low. It must be 55 PSI. May have a plugged filter of weak fuel pump.


I am installing a cold air intake system and performance chip on my 2006 Chevrolet Silverado. It is either the 5.3L V8, or the 6.0L. I need to know where the intake temperature sensor IAT is located. I cannot find it under the hood. Also need to know which 2 wires are for the IAT and what color they are so i can install this performance chip and intake system.

Mechanic JK

The Intake air temp sensor is internal to the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF).

It cannot be accessed separately.
The wires for it are…
Sensor signal- TAN, terminal B
Low reference- Black, terminal A


Don’t bother with the “performance chip”. It’s not really a chip at all, it’s just a resistor that is placed across the IAT to fool the engine into thinking the air temperature is colder than it is. Best possible scenario is that it will just make your fuel mileage worse. You’ve just wasted your money.