Chevy Trailblazer Heat Core Replacement Procedure Pictures

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Can I contact you so you can brief me on exactly what bolts need removed to remove the dash as you did?


That would be nearly impossible. There are so many that I would not even know how to describe their locations.

M. Boddie

keep tires inflated toward max tire pressure recommended, clean air filter, clean engine oil, and try using premium fuel may cost more but maintains fuel systems and get more miles per tank and cheaper than adding additives. You can also add friction reducing additives to engine and trans/diff. to reduce friction internally to get more MPH and better performance.


I don’t know about you guys but damn my gmc envoy watses a lot of gas maybe 13 city the most and 18 hyway even though its a V6inline 4.2L, what should i do to improve my gas mileage besides getting a new car lol. i was thinking maybe get a tahoe its bigger and better looking with a V8 and same MPG