2011 Chevy Equinox Engine Light Recall

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2015 with the same problem..


I have a 2012 Equinox, the engine light keeps comming on or off. I’ve had it read both times it comes up with the cam shift cencer. I’ve heard it’s on recall, but the dealer here says it’s not my car. But the machines say it lose or short circuit. So is this a recall ? It make a noise when I start it, when the light on, it get bad gas mileage. But of I hit a couple holes it might go off again. But I don’t want to wreck my car, so please let me now as soon as u can. Thank you.


My Chevy Equinox 2011 has oil dripping out of the exhaust pipe which is sucking the oil out of the engine. The comment made by JoAnn, said a valve was replaced to correct this problem. The valve was not identified, would it be the Pollution Control Valve was the problem. Please reply before t5-16-2016 if possible.


My 2011 Equinox is getting this valve replaced as we speak! This problem sucked nearly all the oil out of my engine and the truck stalled at an intersection nearly killing me and my girls! Do you know if this is an actual recall by Chevy?? I usually get all the recall notices, and there have been about a half dozen for this model, but didn’t get one for this problem. Thanks!


If there was a recall for this, would would have been notified. To double check, just call your local dealer, give them your VIN number and they will check for a recall.


My 2012 is in the shop now with this problem. Once fixed should I see an improvement in fuel mileage


If the engine was not running properly before, then you may see a small increase.

Mechanic JK

Yes, most cars and trucks have certain problems that are common to them. On the Chevy Equinox, have the rear cylinder checked for leaking coolant. Or, if the check engine light is on and the truck hesitates when driving, this could be the sign of a bad head gasket. This contaminates the #1 spark plug and causes a misfire.


I am looking to buy a used chevy equinox with 100,000 miles,i read reviews and now im not so sure.is this a suv that runs into alot of problems?

ali snaith

Identifying these problems is good.hope we can get them fix.I love my car