1994 Ford F-250 Engine Light and Idle Problem

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5 Comments on "1994 Ford F-250 Engine Light and Idle Problem"

Rolando Aguirre

I have 95 fordf250 engine runs rough missing turn a/c on miss more shoud plugs and wire set be change when pkugs are a year old


My 1991 F250 will not idle. changed plugs, fuel filter, rotor, c02, fuel control and coolant sensor. Still will not idle


If it is just idle that is the problem, check for a vacuum leak. A vacuum leak only effects idle, not acceleration.

Mechanic JK

You have a wiring problem somewhere. Probably a broken wire causing not enough voltage to get to the fuel pump. Maybe just a few strands of wire inside the insulation are still together. You are going to need a schematic to trace them down.


I have A ford f-150 truck, won’t start, fuel pumps only getting 6 volts instead of the 12 volts needed, just installed new fuel relay. Whats the problem?