2004 Nissan Maxima Rolling Noise When Driving

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I have a 2001 Nissan frontier SE the 6cylinder, no turbo, automatic transmission. My wife was not paying attention and thought the truck was running and so she put it in reverse and then realized that the truck as not running so she tried to start it while in reverse, when that didnt work she put it back into park and when she tried to start it, the cd player restarted and the wipers started and the gauges peaked and when truck made a fast ticking sound. i thought that it may have some how kill the battery but it does the same thing with the new battery in. i am stumped.

Tom: It is possible that the truck was rolling when she put it back in park and damaged the neutral switch. Now not enough voltage is getting to electrical systems. Low voltage is what causes all those things to act up and the clicking noise.


my 2001 Nissan Maxima GLE is turning over but wont start..the battery is good and it has plenty gas. someone please tell me whats wrong.


Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to just tell you what is wrong with your vehicle. It could not be starting for a number of different reasons. Just because it has gas, doesn’t mean that gas is getting to the cylinders. You’d need to start off by scanning for any trouble codes, checking fuel pressure, checking for spark, checking for compression, etc, just to get an idea of where to go for further diagnosis.

How much cost to replace intake cam timing sensor on my Nissan Pathfinder?

Mechanic JK

The sensor is only about $60 and it takes about 20 minutes to replace. If you go to a repair shop, expect to pay a 1 hour labor charge.