3.1L and 3.4L Engine Push Rod Locations

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  1. Mark says:

    I am trying to put a 2002 SFI 3.1 liter G.M engine in place of the original MPI 2.8. . I plan on using the original fuel rails and injectors. With SFI, is the differences in the injectors or is it in the computer itself ? There are a number of differences with regards to sensors and their respective locations. I’m not sure if I can just bypass those and hook in the connections that are onboard in the car that came with the 2.8. Are there any books that address that ?Any suggestions ?

  2. doug says:

    how to put the pushrods back right spot .when there are long and short rods 3100 engine . 97 monte carlo

  3. ALfredo says:

    same thing happened to me brothers, any answers yet

  4. demetrius says:

    what about the left side

  5. Travis says:

    thankyou!! same thing happend to me.

  6. Rich says: