1999 Silverado Security Light and Won’t Start

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4 Comments on "1999 Silverado Security Light and Won’t Start"


I have a 2003 gmc yukon,sometimes I have to jiggle the key for it to turn the ignition,all of a sudden my security system light comes on and when trying to start the vehicle it will start but will not stay running,is there a way to bypass that no start system


2004 trailblazer can’t replace my gas pedal sensor .the man said my computer needed up date help please
The codes read PO171, PO128, P2138, PO132. Help help

Yes, there is a computer software update for a few of the throttle codes. Sometimes that will fix it, but not always. P0171 is lean condition- maybe a vacuum leak. P0128 is thermostat below operating temperature. See this link for more info…
Trailblazer thermostat

300-500 bucks to replace a ignition cylinder- wow that guy is an idiot
it takes less than 15 minutes to replace the cylinder and there is no reprograming as the unit is all mechanical