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Buick Engine Idling Very High After Jump Start

I have a 1995 Buick Century special (sedan). the newer v6, 3.1. I just replaced the whole wiring engine harness due to a small electrical fire from some stupid people…

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2003 Buick Century Belt Noise After Replacement

Last week I had the serpentine belt replaced in my 2003 Century, V-6 3.1, and soon after that it started to squeal loudly when car is started. The squealing stopped…

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Location Of 2000 Buick Century Emission Control Valve

I cant find the  emission control, the picture is too blurry to see it. Can you help? I have a 2000 Buick century 2000. And p0440 and p0442 says i…

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How To Install Buick Century Power Steering Pump

I have a 2004 Buick Century and I need to see a picture of how the power steering sits. My nephew tore apart the engine. I know how to replace it but…

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2004 Buick Century Heater and Wipers Stopped Working

I have a 2004 Buick Century and all of a sudden the power windows, heater and wiper blade arms stopped working. There is also no power to the radio or…

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