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What’s wrong with my car? Radiator cooling fan problems on car and trucks answered for free.

1998 Chevy Lumina Fans Quit Working

1998 Chevy Lumina question. Cooling fans quit working relays are good fuses are good fans work with direct power they don’t work with the temperature switch unplugged either. Could jump it at the pcm but don’t know where it is located. The PCM is located under a cover on the passenger side under the hood.…

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My 2001 Chevy Malibu 3.1L Is Overheating

I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu. Bought it new. Very low maintenance car so far. Now my heat will only work if driven down the road or RPM’s raised. Replaced thermostat. No leaks any where. Heater core not clogged. Full of coolant. Does NOT overheat. What could it be? What size engine? How have you…

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1997 Pontiac Grand Prix Engine Overheating

Hello first time here, just looking for a little help or a lot, well here is my issues. I purchased a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix gt 171k. It had a blown headgasket, so did all repairs, valve job, new water pump, ect sensor, t-stat, upper and lower hoses, replaced radiator not new but good. Also…

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1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Overheats and Blown Engine

Hello. Wow it’s free? Most of these charge money. Yes we are. Well just a few questions…car is a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.1L 3100. I have a pro GM mechanic of 20 years working on this thing. I bought car 56000 on it last year with really bad coolant in it, oil was great. Had…

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Where Is The Coolant Temp Sensor Located?

Where is the Coolant temperature sensor located at on a 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette? ProTech: It is located on the left side of the front cylinder head on the intake. ok if that is bad will it keep the cooling fans from coming on have replaced the Coolant temperature switch and all 3 relays and the…

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Chevy Corvette Engine Overheating Problems

Last week I got to work on a Chevrolet Corvette that had an overheating problem. This was no ordinary Corvette though, it was a Supercharged Callaway Corvette! Let’s just say it’s quite a bit different than your regular every day Corvette. At first I thought there may have been some engine problem causing the overheating…

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