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Chevrolet Impala Won’t Start Unless It Sits For A While

Chevy Impala 2003. I turned my car off to go in a store. When I returned it didn’t start. A at home mechanic told me let it sit for two hours and it will start. I let it said and then it started. He stated something about dirt in carburetor, fuel pump, and hoses. Do…

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Check Engine Light P0102- Replaced MAF And Other Sensors

To Whom It May Concern: I have replaced the following parts:In reference to the P0102 code 1) Plugs and Wires (AC Delco). 2) Fuel pump and fuel filter. 3) Fuel regulator. 4) Air filter. 5) New Battery. 6) New fuel injector (No 1 cyl). 7) Checked fuses (O.K.). SENSORS: 1) AIT (Air intake temperature) 2)…

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Replaced Ford Escort Engine But Now Won’t Start

Engine crank but doesn’t start in my1998 Ford Escort 2zx DOHC. I changed the engine after overheated the old one, keeping the multiple injection and thermostat core with sensors. Was replaced timing belt, CKP, CMP, spark plugs. After workshop with the engine following each test to try to start it, continue without spark and not…

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Jaguar XJ6 Six Cylinder Won’t Start

I have a Jaguar xj6 that won’t start. It is a 6 cylinder with fuel injection. I think that it has a problem with the module. The same module is used in a 78 Chevrolet. What is the function of the module? Protech: Not familiar with Jaquar. What module are you referring to? It is…

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My Gas Gauge Reads Empty When It Is Full Of Fuel

One thing I see and hear quite a bit of from customers is that they complain that their fuel gauge is inaccurate or acts very erratically. I’ve been dealing with these type of problems since I got into the business almost two decades ago. The one common factor in most of these complaints is the…

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