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Fuel Leak Recall On Chevrolet Cobalt And Saturn Ion

Lately at the dealership we have seen another rash of problems on the Chevorlet Cobalt and Saturn Ion vehicles. These are basically the same car, just different nameplates. What the customers are complaining about is a fuel leak at the fuel tank area, or a strong smell of gasoline coming from under the car. The problem they are experiencing is a common issue on some…

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Chevrolet Camaro Engine Light And Lean Codes

So, today I had an older model Camaro, 2001, high mileage, and not very well maintained.  It came in with the check engine light on, and had codes stored for the fuel trim being lean. Specifically, a P0174 Fuel Trim Lean Bank 2 code. This was surprising as while watching the info on the Tech 2 scanner, both banks seemed equally lean. Usually, lean codes…

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