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Honda Civic Transmission Acting Up

Hello I have a 2002 Honda Civic hx manual transmission that has been giving me some problems. If I don’t shift the gears early it will sputter and Jerk. Also…

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1997 Honda Accord Gas Gauge Problem

Filled up with gas and gas hand went to full and later on gas gauge hand is down pass empty. What has cause this and is this a simply (meaning…

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2016 Honda HR-V review

I thoroughly enjoyed my first drive in a Honda HR-V but noted at the time I was in a 2WD stick shift

2016 Honda Civic sedan first drive

appreciation of the marque, but it will surely inspire new fans. Honda has finally stepped into the turbocharger ring,

Honda Accord bogs when started and wont go over 2 grand

Hey I have changed my head recently due to cam shaft breaking. So instead of doing all the little things i went and pulled off an old head in a…

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coil over sleeves- do i need after market struts??

Question: i have a 94 Honda civic ex with a 1.5 sohc vtec motor. The thing is that i decided to buy coil over sleeves to be able to adjust…

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After New Timing Belt My Honda Prelude Won’t Start

I bought a 1995 Honda Prelude SE from a friend of mine that had let it sit for 8 months because the timing belt snapped. The house it sat at…

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1998 Honda Civic Runs Bad- Code P0172 Fuel Trim Rich Bank 1

Live Chat: 1998 Honda Civic LX D16Y7 195k Automatic. Initially had a rough/surging idle problem, cleaned throttle body, injectors are good, new spark plugs, IAC valve good. Car idles fine…

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