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Auto Repair Labor- Warranty And Book Time

I thought I would write something about how we, as mechanics, get paid and make money. Most of us that are qualified as Journeyman Technicians, get paid by the book hour, or in easier terms, we get paid for each job on each car we work on. I know from the customer’s point of view,…

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Chevrolet Tahoe Engine Knock And Transmission Problem

Question: I have a 1997 Chevy Tahoe that was running great. Changed oil, now engine is knocking. Any ideas. When I changed it there was alot more oil in it than should be. Don’t know how that happened. ProTech: Too much engine oil in the crankcase can cause engine damage, but will usually muffle the…

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How To Make Money On Car Repair

So you want to become an auto mechanic, huh? You want to make good money doing you what you like to do? If you love working on your car or your friends cars, you may think this would be a perfect career choice for you. You think you can make a good living in the…

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