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2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Starts And Stalls

I have a 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with 3.4 Liter engine. I have had all kinds of starting issues…..First it would only start on the 2nd try for quite a while. I replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, crank sensor. Finally got where it would not start at all. I broke down and took it to a mechanic that put it on the diagnostic machine…

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1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Overheats

My 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo has been leaking coolant and on way home got hot and lost power and spits and sputters at 2k RPM. hat would the problem be? ProTech: Well you would have to find the cause of the leak. You obviously lost too much coolant to cause the engine to overheat and could have resulted in more damage. I’ve replaced the water…

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No Oil Pressure To Rocker Arms On Chevy Monte Carlo

2003 Chevy Monte Carlo V6 3400. I replaced the cylinder heads. Everything is ok and the engine runs fine but oil doesn’t seem to travel up threw the the push rods to the rocker arms. Oil level is full, filter is new and pressure is good as checked with a gauge. Answer: Are you checking this with the Monte Carlo engine running and the valve…

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2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Security Light and Won’t Start

Hey, I have a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo. My security has locked the car up. do i have to take the car to GM to get a Passlock reset or can i do it myself? Mechanic JK Is it physically locked and wont turn, or does it turn and the car won’t start? It turns and the car won’t start. I’ve replaced the fuel pump…

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Car Repairs For a Bad Customer

I had to write this article due to the recent repair I had on a customer vehicle…..that almost wasn’t! This all started last Saturday, when a Monte Carlo got towed into the shop. It was a no-start with a dead battery. I jumped the battery and it fired right up, and I drove it into my bay in the shop. I noticed after turning the…

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