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Saturn car and SUV questions answered for free by dealership auto mechanics. Learn some common problems and how you can fix it yourself.

Saturn Ion Timing Chain- Car Won’t Start

I replaced the timing chain on my 2005 Saturn Ion why is it still turning over really fast? ProTech: Are you sure the timing was set correctly? Yes, but It’s like it don’t have compression. Can I ask why you replaced the timing chain? Was it for that problem? The crankshaft gear broke so I bought the whole kit and replaced everything. Well sad to…

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Saturn Vue Engine Light – SL2 Problems

Hey guys, I’m trying to replace the thermal sensor on my VUE 2009 responsible for the ambient temperature. On the dashboard it’s always stuck at 181 degrees. I read somewhere it’s behind the grill. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks for the help guys. Mechanic JK: Yes. The outside temperature sensor is located behind the grill. Actually behind it and in front of the radiator.…

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2000 Saturn Has Engine Noise and No Oil In It

My 2000 Saturn SL2 is making noises when I accelerate. I took it in today to get an oil change and it was bone dry. What can I do to prevent loss of the car? I am afraid there is engine damage. ProTech: Well, if it went long enough without oil, you could have done permanent engine damage. After the oil change, was the noise…

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Fuel Leak Recall On Chevrolet Cobalt And Saturn Ion

Lately at the dealership we have seen another rash of problems on the Chevorlet Cobalt and Saturn Ion vehicles. These are basically the same car, just different nameplates. What the customers are complaining about is a fuel leak at the fuel tank area, or a strong smell of gasoline coming from under the car. The problem they are experiencing is a common issue on some…

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Chevrolet Malibu Air Bag Light And Codes

Today’s cars and trucks are very safety oriented. With the addition of many accident prevention items, there has also been a lot of new airbag technology lately. Everything from side airbags, which protect in a side impact, to the latest head curtain airbags which help in a rollover accident and also provide more safety on side impacts as well if so equipped. With all this…

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