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Rear Brakes Noisy But No Money To Fix Car

A customer came in with a complaint of his rear brakes are making a grinding sound on his car. He said that it just started. We get that a lot- “It just started”. Usually that means the brakes have been noisy for quite some time, but they finally now have brought it in for repairs…

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Ford Taurus Used Car Transmission Failure

So my shop took in several Ford Taurus vehicles for our used car stock. I was to inspect and re-condition them before they went up for sale. Normally we take a quick test drive, check out how it feels, the brakes, any strange noises, A/C works, windows and locks, etc. The funny thing about all…

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Where is The Thermostat on Chevrolet Trailblazer

This article comes about by the seemingly mass confusion of where the thermostat is located on 2002 and up Chevrolet Trailblazer, GMC Envoy and similar body styles with the 4.2 liter inline six cylinder engine. I’ve seen many times, in person and online, people claiming the thermostat is on the right (passenger) side of the…

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Saturday Was No Fun For This Auto Mechanic

Alright, have you ever had one of those days where everything went wrong? Well, today was one of those days! First off, it was about as hot and humid as possible which made everything else just even worse. Right from the get go this morning I could tell it was just going to be one…

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Chevrolet Camaro Engine Light And Lean Codes

So, today I had an older model Camaro, 2001, high mileage, and not very well maintained.  It came in with the check engine light on, and had codes stored for the fuel trim being lean. Specifically, a P0174 Fuel Trim Lean Bank 2 code. This was surprising as while watching the info on the Tech…

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Battery Failure Causes In Cars and Trucks

Here’s an interesting article on something that just happened to me and my family this past weekend. I get customers all the time wondering how an electronic component on their vehicle can just go out like a snap of the fingers. Well, this is exactly what happened to the battery in my wife’s car a…

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