1994 Buick Century P0341 Cam Sensor Code

I have a 1994 Buick Century v6 3.1 and im having 2 main problems. My first problem is I replaced the crank and cam sensors awhile ago and while everything went fine with the crank im having some problems with the cam sensor. When I got the new one in it gave me a P0341 code so I looked at it and it was faulty so I went to Autozone and they replaced it. I threw the new one in and the check engine light didn’t come on until my temperature needle went above halfway and continues to do this. Could I have possibly be given 2 faulty cam sensors or is it something else ?

My other problem is that my car has a hot start problem I cant seem to fix. I’ve replaced the cam and crank sensors(as stated before),ECT sensor, all spark plugs and wires,1 of my ignition coils,PCV valve, and the idle air control valve tomorrow. I spoke to my brother who owned the car before and is a mechanic and he said it could be the fuel pump which he replaced about 4 years ago. Basically, when I drive until my car reaches normal operating temps(halfway or so and usually when the check engine light for the P0341 code comes on) and then I shut it off, the car then gives me hard/no start. Sometimes if I pump the gas I can make the car catch but I feel like its bad for the car because I usually hear a loud firing noise from the engine. However pumping the gas usually doesn’t work especially if the car is hot. After the first try at starting it fails my car basically just stall as soon as i let the key go. It turns over and cranks but no catch. At this point I have to let the car sit and FULLY cool down. I’m pretty much lost and after the idle control valve. I’m guess I’m heading into the direction of the fuel pump. I thought it may have been that from the beginning but I wanted to replace the cheaper parts first to see if it was any one of those. Any thoughts ?

It is possible that you got 2 faulty sensors, but unlikely. You probably have a wiring problem. You would need a scanner to watch that sensor signal, and a schematic to test the wiring. The cam sensor code is your hard starting problem. Does  not sound like a bad fuel pump. Although it could also be a leaking Fuel Pressure Regulator (See Video Below). But with that cam problem, you need to get that fixed first. I would also give the throttle body bore and plate a good cleaning.

2004 Buick Century

On occasion,will need to crank more than usual to start, and sometimes coughs threw tail pipe during the crank,but has not failed to start yet,and usually happens after setting for sometimes,such as in morning or after work-only has 100k and runs fine after started.

Sounds like a tell-tale sign of either a leaking fuel pressure regulator or low fuel pressure due to a failing fuel pump. I would really lean towards the fuel pressure regulator, since you say it runs fine. You can check for a leak in the regulator by removing the vacuum hose to it and looking for any fuel to come out of either the hose or the regulator. This is best done hot and after the car has ran for a bit. Even the slightest smell of fuel and I would recommend changing it. You may also want to do a fuel pressure check just to make sure that the fuel pump is operating as it should. The spec for fuel pressure should be about 50psi with the key on.