My 2002 Buick Regal Has ABS And Traction Lights

Wheel bearing also know as a hub bearing. This is a front hub. On most cars the ABS wheel speed sensor is part of this. On many trucks, the sensor is seperate.

I have a 2002 Buick Regal and the service vehicle soon, anti-lock and TRAC lights are all lit up. Will a bad throttle position sensor cause this problem?

A bad throttle position sensor can cause the service vehicle soon light to come on, but it will NOT set the anti-lock light or traction light on. More than likely you have an ABS problem that is setting all the lights on.

I just replaced the driver side hub and i was told that the ABS sensor is connected to it, so would a bad ABS harness give me this problem? Or could it be the vehicle speed sensor or transmission speed sensor?Wheel bearing also know as a hub bearing. This is a front hub. On most cars the ABS wheel speed sensor is part of this. On many trucks, the sensor is seperate.

Yes you could have a problem with the harness as well. Sometimes they corrode due to moisture intrusion and the wires will break or become very corroded and not transmit a signal. It would NOT be a vehicle speed sensor, or any transmission sensor causing your problem.

So would the ABS wheel speed sensor harness be hard to replace? Is there 1 or 2 on my 2002 Buick Regal GS.

Not hard to replace at all. GM makes a jumper harness that you just wire right in to the existing setup. You have one per wheel on your car. Depending on what trouble code you have, I’d go with that particular wheel.

Thanks you have been a tremendous help cause I don’t wanna spend to much money on this problem. One last question how will i test to see the codes so I can fix the proper wheel?

You’d have to get the ABS system scanned for codes. But you obviously replaced the one hub for a reason, it could be that same wheel that has trouble.

1999 Chevrolet Venture Van

1999 Chevy Venture Traction control system, low Trac, ABS, check engine on. Replaced tie rod end, new brakes and pads. The vans traction lights came on with abs brake light, then started to say low traction now and then. Lights don’t stay on all time, thy shut off then come back on. Now the vehicle is making a whining noise when accelerating and slowing down, almost like the sound a standard makes when you’ve down shifted. Wheel bearings look ok. What else could it be??

The problem you are experiencing is usually caused by a faulty wheel speed sensor/hub assembly, or a wiring problem. When one or more the wheels is sending a different reading than the others, the trac light and often times the abs light will come on. Usually this will also set a trouble code in the system which can be retrieved to aid in diagnosis. The hub bearings may ‘look’ or feel fine, but that doesn’t mean they are OK. There can be internal problems with them as well. Also, as for the rest of the wiring for the wheel speed sensors, checks need to be made at each wheel for corrosion on the connector, or water intrusion into the harness that can result in the wires corroding. This will also cause a problem like you are describing. I would recommend at least getting the van scanned first to see which wheel or wheels is acting up and then you can concentrate your diagnosis on that particular area.

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