1998 Buick Stalls – Changed Idle Air Valve and MAF Sensor

1998 3800 stalls when you let up on the accelerator. I changed the IAC valve, still does it.Do I need to drive it for a while for the computer to reset.If not, maybe the MAF???

ProTech: Is the check engine light on?

Check engine light has come on a few times in the past week , but then goes back off. It has NOT come on since this started. When the light did come on it wasn’t stalling.

It might be a good idea to get it scanned. The code would still be in there even if the light isn’t on at this time. MAF sensors have been known to go out on the 3800 engines and cause very strange driveability problems. It could be that, but it would be best to know if there’s a code first,

OK, I can take it to a friends shop and he can scan it. Just trying to fix it before monday, but I can wait. Guess I probably should?Thanks!

Yeah, it is better than guessing at parts. You’re welcome!

Thank you very much,I agree.

1998 Buick Park Avenue

When the car is just started it runs great. After it reaches /196 degrees the tachometer jumps up and down along with the voltage then the car stalls. Also stalls when decelerating and i have to feather the gas pedal. I have replaced the fuel filter and i have also tried using an obd2 on the data port it doesn’t work and the fuses are ok.

You need to get the fuel pressure checked. You may have a pump going bad. But, with the scanner nopt working, what makess me think the PCM ios bad, although you need to be sure the scanner works with another car.

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

What rpm’s should my 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix be running at when driving?

Like at what speed? Highway driving?

Highway driving

Well at 55mph-65mph you should be around 1800-2000 RPM’s if you’re in overdrive.


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