How To Replace Buick Park Avenue Belts

I have a 1996 Buick Park Avenue Ultra that needs both serpentine and super charger belts replaced my questions is, it appears that i have to remove the motor mount or bracket in order to do this, Ive never seen this before or am i just not seeing it clear. thanks for your help, Paul

Yes, that is correct. You have to remove the front motor mount bracket to replace the serpentine belt(s). One of the bolts for the mount has a sleeve that comes out when you remove the bolt. That will give you access without actually removing the entire mount out of the way.

Thanks, now do i have to remove the bracket with the 4 bolts that are attached to the frame or the pine that connects the motor mount to the large pieces attached to the motor itself and should i use a floor jack to support motor while doing this. thanks, Pual

The actual part of the bracket that attaches to the engine, those bolts can come out, there are actually two sleeves for the top and front/bottom bolt that give you access to replace the belt. I would recommend supporting the engine with a jack or jack stand.

Thanks for your help.

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1993 Buick Century

Once car gets hot it won’t start. It cranks over but wont start any ideas.

Most likely a bad ignition module or crank sensor…they will act up once the engine gets warm. After cooling off, the car should start again but do the same thing when hot.

What about the ECM?

Not likely, that really isn’t a part that is affected by temperature. If the ECM is bad, it’s bad. It won’t come and go.

Any way to test module or sensor?

Do you have a scanner?


Can you watch live engine data as it’s running?


Ok great. The easiest way to check would be to watch for a sensor to fall off or glitch out right at the time of stalling after the car is hot. .When you have it acting up, where it will crank but not start, watch the cranking rpm on the data display. If it shows 0 rpm, you know it is one of the two problems.

Car does not stall just wont start after turned off until cool.

Ok, well get it to the point where it’s hot enough to not start. Turn it off, then if it doesn’t start, watch the cranking rpm on the scanner. If it shows 0 rpm, I’d go for the crank sensor first, although it could be either.

Thank you for your time.

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