2000 3.8 L Camaro trouble starting and runs rough

Hi I have a 2000 Chevy Camaro V6 3.8 L that will start at times but then dies after a few minutes. Got it started once and ran fine but when I was almost to where I was going it died with no warning just shut off still had power though.

Replaced the fuel filter and I can hear the fuel pump kick on. Check for spark and its there. Sprayed carb cleaner in carb but still wouldn’t start, maybe an air senor or something?

Answer: Just because you can hear the fuel pump come on the 3800 does not mean that the fuel pressure is high enough. You really need to check with a pressure gauge. That said, you sprayed into the engine and still wont start, so we have to assume that is not the problem.

Be sure you have spark on all the plugs. Don’t just check one. If there is spark on 3 and not on the others, the engine wont start. Also, check your coolant level. If it is low, then you may have a common problem on the 3800 engine of the upper intake plenum has burned through and all the coolant has leaked into the cylinders. This would cause the engine to not start. Remove a few spark plugs and see if they are wet.

Another possibility is that there is another internal problem in the engine like the timing chain jumped a tooth or even broke. That is not very common on the 3.8L.

An engine needs fuel, spark and air to run. If you are sure you have spark and fuel, then there must be a problem with the engine internally like described above with the intake or timing chain problem.

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