2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Starts And Stalls

I have a 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with 3.4 Liter engine. I have had all kinds of starting issues…..First it would only start on the 2nd try for quite a while. I replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, crank sensor. Finally got where it would not start at all. I broke down and took it to a mechanic that put it on the diagnostic machine and said it was the BCM. I replaced it, he tried to program it and said his machine was too old to enter the VIN and RPO. I loaded it on a trailer and took it to a dealership. They programmed it, but it took and still takes starting ether/fluid to fire it off. It will run and idle OK after that.

Runs like a bat out of  hell and then after it sits for a few hours, you have to use ether to start it. Even after you use ether, you have to crank it twice before it will start. You can kill it after driving for 10-15 minutes and it will start on the second try for about 10-12 times in a row. After it sits…takes for ever to fire it off !! I am stumped.

Answer: A tell tale symptom of a fuel delivery problem is exactly what you describe here. Having to start the vehicle with ether or giving it a few times to crank over and fire up, tells me that you’re either not getting enough fuel pressure, or volume to the fuel injectors. Usually this is the result of a faulty fuel pump. Even though you’ve replaced it, I would still recommend a fuel pressure check. With the key on, you should have 52-59psi of fuel pressure. Anything under 50, and I’d recommend installing another fuel pump. If the pressure checks ok, I’d start to look at reasons that the fuel isn’t getting to the cylinders to be fired.

Plugged fuel injectors can cause this. Also, you may want to check for a leaking fuel pressure regulator. If the diaphragm inside the regulator is leaking, additional fuel is getting sucked into the intake and will cause a hard starting condition, due to too much fuel. If a scanner can be obtained, I would check for any codes that might be setting, and also look at the fuel trim readings to see how lean or rich it actually is.

2004 Chevy Monte Carlo Starts And Dies Out

My car starts but when i but pressure on the gas it cuts off and the battery light pops up first it was the security light now its the battery light all this has happen with in 30 mins.

ANSWER: Sounds like you have a loose electrical connection under the hood. When you hit the gas, then engine moves a little and can pull on wiring harnesses. If an engine mount is worn, the movement will be more, thus effedting wiring harnesses even more. Try to start the car and pull / move around wiring harnesses to try to get the car to act up. When you do, you will be in the general area where the problem is, then focus on individual wires to find the problem.

Concentrate on the battery cables first, then large harnesses, then small sensor harnesses. Also scan the computer for trouble codes as this may lead you to a source of the problem if the problem is with a sensor.

2006 3.5 in 2001

Subject = 7x signal.

What can I help you with the 7x signal? What is your question?

Question… Is there a bolt-on 7x wheel and-or interupter and magnetic sensor to generate the 7x signal needed to run this engine in a 2001 Monte Carlo ? Does any such animal exist from any 3.1 or 3.4 ?

It is all combined into the sensor itself. If you are having a 7x signal problem, you either have a bad sensor or the wiring to it has become broken or chaffed.

This need to mount or adapt to the crank-nose and-or replace existing harmonic balancer.

Not sure I understand what you mean?

The original 7x signal on 2001 Malibu came from the center of the crankshaft and had a 24x at the hamonic balancer. The 3.5 has 24x from the center of the crank. Thus my need to generate 7x fron the crank now.

Have you changed engines or something? What you are trying to do is NOT possible.

And it must be magnetic, not square-wave like from a digital hall-effect generator.

You’re out of luck, sorry. You’re not going to be able to rig up something like that.

Then I’ll make it myself. Thanks gents… Cheers !

Awful lot of trouble just to generate a proper crank signal! Just use the right parts and be done, simple as that.

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