2002 Chevy Impala ABS and Traction System

I keep getting the Service Traction System light on my 2002 Chevrolet Impala and when that light comes on so does the ABS light. And naturally the light that says Traction System is off light comes on. I have changed both wheel bearings twice on each side. But, the light comes on as soon as I start the car. The wheel doesn’t even have to move. The code points to the wheel bearing but, that is not the problem.Wheel bearing also know as a hub bearing. This is a front hub. On most cars the ABS wheel speed sensor is part of this. On many trucks, the sensor is seperate.

Any suggestions. I am a decent mechanic as long as I know whats wrong, I can fix it but, these phantom electrical problems really drive me crazy.

Could a faulty Body Control Module cause me to get a false Service Traction System Light on on the 2002 Chevy Impala 3800 Series II

Answer: A very common problem, along with bad hub bearings, is the wiring harnesses that attach to each front of wheel speed sensors. Time, and moisture intrusion lead to corrosion of the wires in the harnesses and connectors. This will ultimately cause a failure, which some people mistake as a bad hub, but really all that needs to be changed is the harness. If you’re getting codes for either or both of the front wheel speed sensors, this would be something you would want to check out. Since the hubs are new, that really only leaves the harness and the Electronic Brake Control Module that could be the faulty parts.

More than likely it is not an EBCM, that is pretty rare. You can inspect the connector ends pretty easily and look for a green-ish corrosion on the terminals, and also remove the plastic conduit and tape from the wires and check them as well. You’ll need to take it pretty far back to find the usual problem spots. If replacement is needed, you can get what is called an ABS jumper harness which comes with a long length of harness and a connector end that attaches to the wheel speed sensor at the hub from your local GM dealership. Good Luck!