Car Struggles To Speed After Hot

After i drive my car for 30+ minutes and come to a stop, when i try to go it struggles to get to 10 mph and service light comes on saying cylinders 5-6 miss fires. ive changed fuel pump twice, all the spark plugs once, spark plug cables once, fuel filter at least 5 times but the problem still there.

No shops around my area has been able to diagnose what is the cause. i dont know if it relevant but the steering wheel shakes a good bit while driving. i got my tires rotated and balanced.

Answer: Without telling us the make, year and model of your vehicle, i cant be too specific. But, a misfire on 2 of the cylinders is not going to be a fuel pump or filter problem.

Steering wheel shaking would not be related.

If the tune up with spark plugs and plug wires did not help, you may have plugged fuel injector. This usually would cause a problem all the time, not just when hot, but it could. Another possibility is a problem in those two cylinders like a sticking valve.

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