2001 Chevrolet Cavalier Trac Off and Engine Light

Well my car is dead and it won’t start. The Trac off light came on and the check engine light and the battery light and the oil light came on and when I went to step on the gas pedal it wouldn’t increase speed. It is a 2001 Chevy Cavalier.

Does the engine crank over when you turn the key?

The engine tries to turn over.

Do you think that it could be contributed to the coil pack.

But is it cranking and cranking and won’t start, or is it cranking very slow?

It acts like it wants to turn over but won’t.

OK. Then it just sounds like a dead battery or loose cables on the battery. This would explain all the lights and not accelerating since the system voltage is way too low.

It is not the battery because it is a new battery. My dad put a volt meter on it and it was reading 12.5 amps.

OK. You mean 12.5 volts. Have the battery cables checked. There is a common problem on the Chevy Cavalier with the negative battery cable. It goes from the battery to the bottom of the battery tray and get corroded there and can give the same symptoms you are having, like a bad battery.

Well do you think that it might be the fuel pump or the timing belt.

No. You have an electrical problem. That is why all those lights came on. Especially the battery light. I would also suggest having the ignition switch checked if the cable I spoke of is OK.

Do you think it might be the coil pack?

Let me clarify something. Did the car die out then the dash lights came on? Because that would be normal. If the lights came on, then it would not accelerate then it dies out would make it a system wide electrical problem, not ignition coils.

I’m not sure i can’t remember but the lights i don’t think came on until after i stopped

OK. Well that changes things. The lights WILL come on after an engine stall. If the engine is cranking but not starting, then you need to check for spark and fuel pressure.

Does it have to do with the throttle sensor.

Probably not.

Ok thanks for your help.

My 2005 Chevy Cavalier

My car seems to go in to the panic mode when ever it wants to, lights flash horn blows and interior lights come on at any given time for no reason. We have taken the batteries out of the remotes for locking and unlocking the car the trunk and panic. Still it goes off can you help me with a cure for this?

Sounds like you have a problem in the Body Control Module (BCM). This module controls the functions of the systems you are having problems with.

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