2008 Chevy Impala Gauges Problem- How To Replace 3800 Valve Cover Gasket

Chevrolet Impala Picture

2008 Chevy Impala. Today I got in my impala …started to drive …looked at the dashboard and all the gauges were going up and down …gas hand ..temp hand …mile hand and the other hand with the single numbers on it ….what is wrong with this picture???

Usually this is the symptom of an electronic failure or wiring problem such as a short. A few different things could be causing the erratic function of your instrument cluster. First, it could be something as simple as loose battery cables or a loose electrical connection somewhere. Or possibly you could be looking at a bad instrument cluster itself. There could be an internal malfunction that is causing the problem.

Also, a wire or wires to and/or from the instrument cluster could be shorting out somewhere along the wiring harness. You’d have to actually trace the harness by hand or test each wire with a multimeter to see if that’s the problem.

Another thing that can cause crazy electrical problems is a faulty Body Control Module.

If that is the problem, it is  part that would need to be programmed at your local GM dealership. Start with the easy stuff, check cables, fuses, and look for anything that might be amiss, then go from there.

How To Replace Valve Cover Gasket

what tools do I need to replace the valve cover gaskets on a 2002 chevy Impala 3800 Series II Series II and what other parts need to be removed to gain access?

The valve cover replacement on the 3800 engines isn’t too bad of a job, but it’s not super easy either. Tool wise, you will need the basic hand tool things like some sockets and a ratchet, wrenches, pliers, etc. There are a couple brackets that need to be removed such as the on the front valve cover, there is a black metal curved bracket over the front portion of the valve cover.

This needs to be loosened up to get the valve cover out and gasket changed. As for the back valve cover, after getting wiring harnesses out of the way and the vacuum tube going to the plenum, you may want to remove the alternator and/or tensioner assembly to access the rear valve cover fully. Kind of a pain, but nothing serious. It’s all pretty much straight forward work.