2001 Chevrolet Impala Has No Brake Lights

2001 Chevy Impala  rear brake lights are not working.  I do have the 3rd brake lights. All of the bulbs are good. I bypassed stop light switch and have replaced turn signal switch. I have checked the connections and they seem ok. Could the four way flasher switch be bad ?? Turn signals do work fine.

Answer: Did you check all the fuses? Just need to be sure since that is the first step in diagnosing any electrical problem on today’s cars and trucks. If the 3rd light works, then the switch is good.

Yes i did. I’m pretty much at a loss – I was an auto mechanic for many years and am not very often at a loss.

OK. The you are going to have to check for power and ground at the rear sockets to which one you are missing.

How can that be a problem if the rear turn signals are working ?

What happens with turn signals on and then hit brake pedal? What do the signals do?

They work normally.

Hmm. Well without a schematic in front of me, that is a tough one. Yes, they do go through the hazard switch. Try pressing it when the t-signals are on. Very slowly to see if they start to work.

They work normal 4 ways over ride the t/s and no brake lights.

OK. Again, without a schematic, i don’t think i can be much help with this one right now. There are a few connectors that would need to be checked for power to narrow it down. If you would like to leave me your email, i will ge a schematic later today and give some things to check.

I’ll keep on checking and let you know what I find, thanks. I will find the problem. Now it’s a challange.

2000 Chevy Impala Check Engine Light

I have a 2000 Impala 3.4L V6 the check engine light keeps coming on I have had the engine check and no problems so they shut the engine light off. My neighbor told me it was a heat sensor when I called the auto part store they told me there is no heat sensor What would keep the engine light coming on. Please help me if you can.

Answer: Do you know the code number they got out of the computer? That is really the only way to be sure what system is having a problem. Any time the check engine light is, or was on, there will be a trouble code stored in the computer memory.

No I don’t.

Well, without the number, it would be a guess. I might assume they were talking about an ogygen sensor heater control circuit, but without the number i cannot be sure. There is no part called a heat sensor.

If I have him check it and scan it tonight will it show a code even if the light is off? Could we get a number even if the light is off.

If they cleared the check engine light code, then no. The code would be gone for good.

Ok thank you for your help

Your welcome.

Chevy Impala Head lights not working

My 2002 Chevy Impala 3.8 Liter LS’s headlights do not work anymore. I have after market fog lights and those are what I use to see at night. Tail lights work perfect and I just had new headlight put in 3 or 4 weeks ago. Any suggestions?

Answer: First thing is to check all the fuses. You may have one or more blown. There are several fuse panels in the car and under the hood. Next, you will need a test light to check for power into the headlight bulb socket on each one. If you do not have power in, then check for power out of the headlight switch.

If you do have power to the bulbs, then check for ground. Ground is usually the black wire. Every electrical circuit needs power and ground to operate. A wiring schematic is needed if you are going to have to trace wiring into the body harness to look for the problem.

Most common is a bad headlight switch but we have seen corroded wires or connectors behind the lamp assemblies as well.

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