2002 Chevy Impala Ignition Replaced But Still Won’t Start

I have a 2002 Chevy Impala and had the ignition replaced and still having problem with starting, security light still comes on.

Ok, what exactly did you have replaced?

The ignition switch.

Alright, the switch itself has nothing to do with the security light coming on. You most likely need a new ignition cylinder and Passlock sensor housing…that is what goes inside the switch.

That was replaced as well, sorry.

Ok, are you sure it was programmed correctly?

That i could not answer, the shop thinks it did at least, LOL

Well, that could be the problem. Do you have an aftermarket alarm or remote starter on the vehicle?

No, completely stock.

Do you know if the ignition cylinder was a Genuine GM part? Or possibly aftermarket?

Yes, i did buy OEM parts.

Ok, then it’s either one of two things. The security programming did not learn correctly, or all of the ignition components are fine and you have a Body Control Module problem.

Oh, so do i ask them to attempt to program it again or do i try it myself? I see this is very common on the Chevrolet Impala, how is this not a recall item.

That is because it is not a safety issue.

You can try it yourself, the MODERATOR can post a link to that procedure. If that does not help, you’re most likely looking at replacing the BCM.

Oh, that answers my thought, thank you.

I notice first thing says security light flashes, mine does not.

It will either stay on solid, or flash during the procedure.

OK. Yes mine is solid. Wow, i paid a shop 35 bucks for this procedure.

The procedure to relearn the theft deterrent is the same either way.

Well hopefully this works. thanks for your help and i will check the other link.

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