No Oil Pressure To Rocker Arms On Chevy Monte Carlo

2003 Chevy Monte Carlo V6 3400. I replaced the cylinder heads. Everything is ok and the engine runs fine but oil doesn’t seem to travel up threw the the push rods to the rocker arms. Oil level is full, filter is new and pressure is good as checked with a gauge.

Are you checking this with the Monte Carlo engine running and the valve covers off or are you just assuming this is happening because of engine ticking or something?

REPLY: Yes with one of the valve covers off. One of the pushrods are shooting oil up threw real good but not from the others.

If there is debris, or you didn’t clean the passages of the pushrods out well when you did the work, that will limit the amount of oil coming up through them.

I took the rods out one by one and blew threw them, but you are saying it can still be clogged? Engine also makes a squealing noise. It is coming from the top of the engine.

You could also have possibly tightened the rocker arms too tightly. That will restrict the oil flow as well. I’d recommend removing them and starting over. Make sure you have them all in the right locations since the intake and exhaust rods are different lengths on the 3.4L. Check the passages again and then reinstall the rockers. Also, if you only were cranking the engine for a few seconds then stopped because of this problem, it  may take longer to get oil up to the rocker arms, especially if the engine sat for a while before reassembly. Run the engine at a little higher RPM for a minute or two, about 1,000 and see if oil starts to come up the the rocker arms.

Will do, thanks!

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