2004 Chevrolet Suburban Service Stability Light

The steering wheel position sensor is a common part to fail and cause a service stablilty light on Chevrolet trucks.

Wondering if you knew what the code co455 for a 2004 Suburban.

That code is for the steering wheel position sensor. Usually those need replacement when this code occurs, as the module cannot exactly see what position the steering wheel is in at a certain time while driving.

All that is tied together with the steering wheel ?

Yes, that code is part of the Stabilitrak and ABS system.

Yes, the sensor at the base of the steering column. The Stabilitrak and ABS systems utilize that reading in order to give the proper amount of assist. would a speed sensor do that. That code is NOT for a speed sensor.

would that make a fast tick noise.

Not really, no.

Sounds like a noise right at the dash between 38 to46 KMS.

That would be hard to diagnose without actually hearing it or driving the Suburban, but it could be a number of things.

On a snap on scanner it came up on the wheel category and comes up after service stability light comes on dash. i pulled 4 codes from the wheel category co035,co045,co455,co228 would they just start sending code after code when 1 problem occurs.

Usually not, but the 35 code is a left front wheel speed sensor code, the 45 code is for the rear speed sensor, and the 228 code is for the relay inside the modulator valve.The steering wheel position sensor is a common part to fail and cause a service stablilty light on Chevrolet trucks.

Is the steering wheel position sensor hard to replace?

Not that bad, you have to remove the intermediate steering shaft and drop the column down a bit, but it’s generally a straightforward repair. The sensor is located at the base of the column, held in by a retainer.

Right on i’ve already had the intermediate steering shaft out to grease it,appreciate the help you were great,this site kicks ass.

Thank you very much!

Glad to help!

2002 Chevy Suburban

I have a 2002 Chevy Suburban that the right side headlight only comes on with the headlight switch as soon as the car is started and the Auto feature kicks in the right headlamp goes out. How do I fix this.

You have a faulty headlamp switch. it should be replaced.

The one on the dash that allow it to work in auto or manual?


Thanks did not think it would be that simple. Why only one works.

I’ve seen quite a few times, the switch fails internally and causes erratic signals to the headlights, sometimes on, sometimes off, or only one works.

Is it easy tio change?

Yes it is, you just need to remove the bezel around the dash.

OK thanks that tomorrows project. Have a great night.

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