2002 Chevrolet Tahoe Hub And Shock Replacement

Hi i have a 2002 Chevy Tahoe LT 4×4 with auto ride. I was told i need new drivers side front bearing. Should I replace both front bearings? Also i was told my truck has a full wheel hub assembly that is needed as opposed to just the bearing. I have a mechanic who can do the labor much cheaper than a full service garage or dealer. I would like to buy all the parts and just pay for the labor. How do i be sure i am buying the correct parts. also does my truck have shocks, struts or both as original equipment. They may need to be changed also as ride quality has been suffering. THANKS FOR ANY INFORMATION .

The front wheel bearings on your Tahoe are a sealed unit. It is not just a bearing as in the older model cars and trucks. It is a hub and bearing assembly.

Hub Bearings

If you are getting a growling noise, then it is a hub and bearing assembly you need to replace. If you just have one that is bad, then just replace it, not the other side. These do not need to replaced as a pair, just the side that is bad. Any parts store catalog will show the correct part. I would suggest a factory bearing, as we have seen on numerous occasions the cheaper after market hubs from the local or national parts store chains tend to fail very quickly. This will give you a rolling noise when driving. Or the ABS light may come on. The GM hub is quite a bit more expensive, but in the long long will be well worth the cost. If your truck is four wheel drive, which most Chevy Tahoe’s are, these will be a little more expensive. Be sure the parts guy asks if it is four wheel drive or not.

Shocks and Struts

Your truck has shocks, not struts. Depending on you particular suspension package, they can be the typical style you are used to, or they may be electronically controlled units. These are for a higher end suspension system. Most every Chevrolet Tahoe has the top end system because it is a higher end truck. These can get really expensive and are only available from you local dealer. There may kits out there, again at local parts stores, that 2will convert the system to normal shocks, but then you would not have the electrical portion internal to the shock. This will cause ride problems as well as warning lights on the dash for “Service Suspension” or “Vehicle Stability”.

As you can see, in both cases, i would recommend factory parts to repair your truck. Yes they cost more, but you are getting a much higher quality. Also they will come with a warranty that is much better than an aftermarket part.

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