2000 Chevy Venture Van Doors Won’t Unlock

I have 2000 Venture LS with 3400. I am starting to have problems with both rear doors (1 powered and 1 not), the doors will not unlock even manually. Locks seem to be jammed. Then they will work for no apparent reason. I hear clicking but no movement of locks when they stick. The power door does not work all of the time when any button is pressed. This started first and then the locks on both doors.

You might want to check the contact pads that are located on the body, and on each sliding door. If they become corroded, problems with locking and the power opener will occur.

How do I check them?

Open the doors manually and look at them. Look for corrosion, or ‘green’ build-up on the contacts or contact pins on the door.

They look like they have a clear coat over them and some blackening around edges of pads.

Are they still a bright brass color in the contact area?

Yes for most part.

Well if the contacts are ok, you most likely have door actuator problems. The door panels would need to come off to actually check the locking mechanisms and unlatching mechanisms. If bad, they would need to be replaced. This is quite common on the Venture vans.

How do I get panels off as doors slide and I cant get to panels. Also would both actuators go out at same time.

It is a bit difficult since you can’t really get at the whole door panel. You have to have to door open about halfway, and after removing the inside handle, you need a door trim tool to pop off the retainers. The ones toward the rear of the door, you can get at from the outside while the door is halfway open. Difficult, but not impossible. Yes they could both fail. One has probably been acting up longer than the other, you’ve just never noticed it.

Thank you I will try tomorrow in daylight. Would it be easier to remove the door from the car.

No, you don’t want to do that, especially on the side with the power sliding door. Way too hard to get it back adjusted again! You’ll regret it if you try to do it that way!

I did not notice a set screw on the door handle, how does it come off.

You need a special tool.

Do you know if I can rent or purchase one.

Not sure about renting, but you should be able to purchase one at a specialty tool store. It is almost like a regular door handle tool, but is a bit smaller and has different bends in it to fit that one particular handle retainer.

Thank you for your help, I may have to wait until next year to get tool. So have a happy new year and thanks again. Also I just found your site and will probably use it again as car is to old to put much money in it.

You’re welcome, glad to help. Come see us for all your automotive questions and needs!