Chevy Lumina Backfires And Hard Starting

I have a Chevy Lumina APV and I am not sure as to where the ground wire is located? Also I am having issues trying to figure out what is wrong with my van. Every time I apply the gas it backfires.

I have replace many different part on the van and nothing has helped the vacuum is good on it there are no leaks and also all the pressure is good in it as well.

There are times where when I start my van it will hesitate and then die and then when i restart it and it hesitates then I apply the gas a few times in a pumping motion it will finally smooth out and run fine. HELP please.

Answer: Your car does not have a ground problem. It sounds like you have a leaking fuel pressure regulator. That would cause the starting problem you are having and also a backfire. When they leak, they cause the engine to be very rich, like an old car that is flooded. Hitting the gas a few times clears it out.

You would need to remove the vacuum line on the regulator and loo and smell for gas to confirm it is leaking.

More information here on the 3.4L fuel pressure regulator.

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