1999 Silverado Security Light and Won’t Start

I have a Chevy Silverado 1999 turns over but no fuel and no spark changed fuel pump cam sensor Crankshaft sensor still nothing some one told me I need to have my key reprogrammed.

Is the security light on?


Then that is your issue. The theft deterrent system will kill the fuel enable signal so the truck won’t start. Your Silverado does not have a programmable key, but it does have a Passlock system that can be reprogrammed, but more than likely the sensor itself is bad and that would require replacement of the ignition cylinder housing assembly.

Is the dealership my only choice?

To get it done correctly, yes, I would recommend taking it to the dealership. To replace the ignition cylinder housing, the steering column has to be disassembled as well.

Is that expensive?

Somewhere in the 300 to 500 dollar range probably depending on your shops labor rate.

Thanks so much

No problem, have a nice night.

I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 4×4

I am wondering if another year truck ignition would fit?

Do you mean ignition cylinder, or ignition housing, or key?

The cylinder..someone broke in and smashed it.

Well you will probably end up needing a housing too, if the cylinder got too damaged or cannot be removed from the housing. but yes, the ignition cylinder/housing are all the same on your style Silverado from year 1999 to 2006.

Ok thanks thats all i wanted to know.

You would have to replace the entire assembly, and you would have a different key then that starts the truck, also there would need to be a theft deterrent relearn procedure done as well after replacement.

2003 Chevy Z71

When I crank it it will go dead after running a few seconds, some times it will idle fine but when i apply gas it goes dead, i have drivin it a few times and it will drive fine then when i slow down it goes dead, can anyone help me please!!!

You are going to have to have the fuel pressure checked. You may also have carbon build up in the throttle body bore and plate. If this is the drive-by-wire thottle, the throttle body itself could also be bad. If it is older style cable controlled system, you could have a bad position sensor (TPS). If the check engine light is on, have it scanned for codes first as this may point you in the direction of what system is having a problem.

2002 Chevy Silverado

On my way to work yesterday it began running rough and died as soon as i put it in park. A battery symbol is showing in the message window but all the electronics seem fine. i pulled alternator to get tested but im worried it maybe something else. any suggestions?? It will turn over but die as soon as it starts.

The red battery light came on because the truck died and the key was still on. That is normal and I doubt you have any charging problems. With it starting and dying out, you have a bigger problem going on. There is probably trouble codes set in the computer which will help out with diagnosis. You could be looking at a fuel injector problem, fuel pump problem, ignition issue or more.

my truck has not been starting, so I replaced the fuel pump thing that might do the trick, turns over sounds great but will not start. The pump is getting fuel there is no blockage. I checked all of the fuses, I also connected the terminals in hopes it might reset the light. no luck. What I do notice is the anti theft light is on, I did some research and I cant figure it out, it the original key so I don’t know what the issue could be.

Answer: It depends on what make and model truck you are talking about. It a Chevy 1500 or GMC sierra, you may have a problem with the sensor in the steering column that looks at the key to decide if it is the correct one. If that goes bad, you would need to have the sensor in the column replaced. If your truck has an aftermarket alarm or remote start system, then you need to get rid of that first since they always cause problems to the factory system.

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