2001 Chevy Silverado Brake Pedal Soft And Goes To The Floor

Picture of a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 truck

I have a soft brake pedal that goes to the floor on my 2001 Chevrolet Silverado. Just changed master cylinder and brake booster and bled through a large bottle of fluid any ideas?

Did you have the soft pedal before you replaced those parts or did this problem start after doing the work you described?

Yes, i am trying to fix the soft brake pedal problem, but it was not nearly as bad.

OK, well then I would say it is probably something you did. You might want to try to bleed the system again using another person to help you. Also, if you did NOT bench bleed the master cylinder you will probably never get the air out of it.

Bench bled and had a helper for brake bleeding i also noticed a lot less fluid from the drums rather than the calipers, less volume in general.

You could have a bad proportioning valve, or it may have tripped the ball inside over to limit flow to the rears. You can try banging on it with a hammer while pumping the brake pedal and sometimes that will reset it.

Oh ya engine on soft pedal and firm when off but still travels slowly down.

Well you have a softer pedal with the engine running because you have the vacuum assist helping you. with the engine off you deplete all the vacuum reserve and the pedal becomes harder. with it still sinking slowly tells me you still have air in the system.

It can take many, many times around the vehicle doing a proper bleeding process to get all the air out.

If the valve is tripped will that affect the bleed process?

It shouldn’t affect bleeding the air from the system, but if it is tripped it can limit volume to the back which you said you are experiencing.

Ya I’m thinking that’s why I’m getting such a slow bleed process. I took that valve off today to check it out the plunger was down the spring hung like halfway out is that open or closed?

Not sure which way is which, I’ve never had one apart…but usually they are not able to checked physically, you either have flow or you don’t.

I’m gonna bleed em like crazy in the a.m. How should I bleed the ABS RWAL and other up front components so i get all of it? Where should i start bleeding from?

Well without a scanner you won’t be able to do an auto bleed on the ABS system, so it will take some time…..you just have to bleed regular until you get all the air out….make sure to keep the master topped off and always start at the furthest wheel from the master. Right rear, then Left, then Right front, then left.

Where do I bleed the ABS RWAL and valve it sure doesn’t say in Haynes manual.

You can’t do it separately without a scanner. Just bleed normally like i said before.

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