2000 Chevy Tahoe Driver Seat Air Bag

I was told by a reputable shop today that the cause of my air bag light is the driver seat air bag module is bad (causing the low resistance error code). The shop also quoted me $600 to replace it. I can buy the air bag myself used or even new and at least save labor IF I can find out how to remove the old one.

Anybody have any experience taking the air bag out of the side of the seat (without destroying the seat of course)?

ANSWER: Getting to this aibag is very tricky. You need to move the headrest assembly, unhook the seatback and seat cushion where they attach to each other under the seat at the rear. Then you can work the cover up over the frame. Sort of like taking off a shirt inside-out. Pull it up and over the top. Now you can unbolt the airbag from the seat.

Good info. Any tips on removing the headrest?

ANSWER: You really don’t need to remove the headrest to replace the seat side airbag. Just get the cover up far enough to replace the module. May want to let a mechanic do the repair so you don’t damage the seat cover- especially if it is leather.

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