Chevrolet Silverado Vibration When Braking

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Just replaced front pads and rotors on 2006 Chevy Silverado, left side also got a new caliper and bracket plus a new hub bearing. When i applied the brakes they vibrate hard.  Getting a nasty vibration during braking. Found one bad rotor, replaced that, now it still vibrates through the pedal, but not as bad. What could it be? It is not the ABS brakes or anything like that. It is the regulars.

Answer: You say you swapped the left rotor? Did you replace it with another new one, or swap it to the other side?

Brand new one, last rotors center hole was cut wrong.

OK. What speed do you get the vibration? Do you feel it in the pedal- does it bounce back or the steering wheel?

Speed not sure of, maybe 30 MPH and down, yes pedal first then steering wheel and truck. Was getting a speed sensor code on left side but no code now.

Chevy Silverado Wheel bearing also know as a hub bearing.

Rear brake problems usually cause the pedal to bounce, you wont really feel it in the steering wheel or whole truck. You may want to check the U-joints- that is if when you are braking and feel the vibration, then let off pedal and vibration is still there.

Let off pedal vibration goes away, rear brakes may be to tight?

If they are too tight that may have warped a drum. Did the vibration start after these parts were replaced, or did you replace them to try to fix the problem?

After. They were a little tight but not enough to feel a drag

OK. Then yes, sounds like a drum is warped. Either they are too tight, or you just got a bad one. There should be a small amount of drag when installing the drum. That is a sign they are adjusted properly. Have seen a few times with the cheaper aftermarket drums / rotors that they are warped. To be sure it is in the rear, try driving at about 20 MPH and with one hand pull the emergency brake handle and press the e-brake pedal slowly down while while still maintaning constant speed with the other foot. You should feel it in the park brake pedal if the probl;em is in the rear brakes. This ponly works with drum brakes like on your truck, not with rear rotors that have the brake internal.

Chevy Silverado Loud Grinding Noise

I have a 1999 z71 Silverado 1500 4w4 4.8L. I been trying to figure out my problem but not getting anywhere.  I just put a refurbished transfer case in bit and now when i drive it an take my foot off the accelerator it makes this loud horrible grinding sound but goes away when i put my foot on the gas. Please help.

Answer: You did not say if this only happens when in 4WD or not. I will assume not. If the noise started after the repairs, then you could have a U-joint that is bad or mis-alligned. Your truck may have a bad transmission mount also. Or maybe you left something loose.

When giving it gas you are putting torque on the drivetrain. When you let off the torque is gone so your noise must be related to these things above.

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