Chevy Truck Battery Gauge Stuck On Zero Volts

I have a Chevy Vortec in an AV and after replacing the battery the volt meter and temp gauge reads zero.

Are you sure that you hooked up all the wires and battery cables correctly?

Yes engine starts perfectly.

How about the fuses? Maybe one or two fuses popped during the repair.

This is in a workhorse chassis and don’t know where the fuse panel is located.

What year is it? Maybe I could help you locate the fuse box.

It’s a 2000 Georgia Boy Pursuit.

OK, give me just a second…. From what I can find, there is a fuse box located under the dash on the driver’s side, and possibly a fuse block under the hood.

Thanks. It”s not under the hood those are all OK will check under the dash tomorrow.

I figure something had to happen during the repair. There is no reason those gauges should not work just because of a battery replacement. Either a fuse blew, something came loose or unconnected.

I will log on tomorrow and let you know.

Great, thank you, have a good night.

4.3L Vortec Belt

Can I route the serpentine belt on a 4.3 engine, bypassing the A/C totally.

Yes, that is possible, but you would have to measure for a shorter belt. Take a string and go around the pulleys as the belt would, bypassing the A/C, then measure that string and get a belt that size.

Thank you Protech for my earlier question. Another? I have a Harrison R4 type a/c compressor on my c1500. There is a loud noise coming from it. I noticed the air gap on the clutch is much wider than usual. Can this be easily fixed by tightening the shaft nut?

No problem. You can try to tighten the nut, but if the gap is large due to an internal breakage, you’d have to replace the clutch assembly, or entire compressor. A special A/C compressor clutch holding tool is needed to tighten that center bolt.

Thanks again ! I will look into it tomorrow.

You’re welcome, have a nice night!

Chevy S-10 2002

I tried to jump start with 36 volt golf cart, sparked bright arck when cables were touched to battery in truck head lights came on for 1 second ten went out, installed new battery,headlights will not come on now , right turn signal light stays on cont. and will not blink, left turn works fine,all gauge lights and gauges work right front side amber real low. disconnected battery for now. PLEASE HELP.

ProTech: Your first mistake was trying to jump a 12 volt system with a 36 volt system! You’ve probably smoked the wiring, burned connectors, etc…You’re going to have start taking things apart to find the trouble. I can’t really help you with that one.

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