Will my car make the trip?

We are planning a trip to Phoenix Arizona which from where we live is a 5 hour and 51 minute trip, 406 miles away. Will my ’99 Chevrolet Cavalier (273027 mileage) make it there and back or is a rental better? It is automatic, with a 2.2 trim.

We got a new battery in 2014 and we have had to change the gas pump just last year, about two months ago. It runs smooth and it only starts getting shaky when I go 85 miles per hour. The heating and cooling system work just fine and the gas and brake work perfectly.

Answer: This is a hard question to answer. Anything can go wrong on any car at any time, especially with such high miles on it. There is really no way to tell.

The shaking at higher speeds is most likely a bad tire or a wheel out of balance. Without knowing the overall maintenance of the car it is a hard thing to guess. I personally would not take a car with that many miles on it on such a ling trip, especially if you are going to be driving in wide open areas where help is a long way off.

Just because the battery and fuel pump are new does not mean something else even more major will not go out soon. Like possibly the transmission, timing chain, headgasket (common on the 2.2L), brakes, wheel bearing or any number of other things.

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