1998 Dodge Ram Burning Oil

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram Sport 1500 4×4 only 141000KM, it’s burning to much oi. I went 275km and had to add 2litres. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

That is quite a bit of oil that the engine is burning! You could have a severe internal engine problem like a broken piston ring, or seized oil control ring on one or more pistons. If you have blue smoke coming out of the exhaust, you are definitely burning the oil in the combustion chamber. If no external leaks are noticed, this is something that will require immediate attention to repair.

That’s what i don’t understand, I don’t notice any blue smoke coming out of the exhaust only at the first start up.

That is a big help. When you only see the blue smoke at start up that is a tell tale sign of leaking valve seals and/or guides. When the vehicle sits, oil runs into the cylinders and when you start it up you burn that oil out, but otherwise everything works normally. You will need to get some valve work done on the engine to repair this problem.

Thank you lot’s for your help!!!

You’re very welcome!

Hello I have a 1995 Dodge ram 1500 5.9 Magnum 4×4 LARIET. I’ve researched all symptoms and did these…NEW/ Coil, Crankcase Position Sensor, Camshaft Sensor, Cap/Rotor, Gapped spark plugs, Set the APPS (accel., pedal postn., sensor) and IT STILL will NOT start!!! WHY?

Answer: Did you check if your Dodge has fuel pressure? Does the engine now have good spark after all of these repairs?

2001 Dodge Neon

My car putts when I crank it and hesitates when I press on the gas pedal and gradually gains speed not exceeding 35mph. What may be causing this problem?

Normally an engine misfire caused by a bad spark plug or ignition coil will cause the problem you are having, but that should not cause your car to not accelerate past that speed. That is unless you have more than one of those parts bad. Get those checked out first. You may just need a major tune up. If that is not the cause, then you should have the catalytic converter checked out for being plugged. When they get restricted, it does not allow the engine to breathe properly. This will make your Dodge not be able to accelerate to a higher speed. You can just disconnect exhaust just past the catalytic converter to see if that help. But, the best way is to have a back pressure test done.

2005 Chrysler 300

Engine fan will come on and not turn off unless in park….dealership says that engine is throwing a signal but tranny is not….hoses are fine its something inside the trannsmission thats wrong….what is it?

We would need the codes stored in the computer to help you with this problem.

Town And Country Stalls

I have a 1999 Chrysler Town and country lxi 3.8 engine. Every now and then when i come to a stop or slow down to turn my van stalls and dies but when put in park or neutral it starts right back up with no problem but when i go to pull it into gear it stalls real quick and dies after several attempts it finally goes.

ANSWER: This could be a few different things. Your engine could have a vacuum leak. A vacuum leak will cause an unstable idle or the engine to stall at or near idle or low RPM. Another possibility is what is called the IAC. Stands for idle air control valve. This does what is says-  controls idle. If it is faulty or very dirty, ti will cause your problem. The other common problem is that the throttle body is full of carbon and the computer cannot control engine speed. This can be cleaned out easily with carb cleaner or a product called Seafoam.