2003 Dodge Door Locks And Engine Bearing Problem

I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 and just recently the door ajar light comes on and the door locks try to lock on acceleration only when I take my foot off the gas it stops until I accelerate again what could be causing this.

You have a bad door jamb switch.

Where would I find this , is it the switch that gets depressed when the door shuts.

Yes like a pin switch when the door opens or closes. It could be part of the door latch/lock assembly, you’d have to check with a dealer.

If it was disconnected would that stop the problem until it was replaced.

Yes it would, but you would also have no dome lights when you open the door either.

I could live with that for now because it is very annoying when driving LOL.

I’m sure it is!

Thanks for the help I’ll look into that.

Engine Rebuilt Bearings Spun

After a rebuild what cause the bearings to spin and 40 lbs of oil pressure when everything else is within tolerance?

A faulty repair job or someone that didn’t know what they were doing.

What is faulty about it? Is the motor shot ?

I couldn’t say that without looking at it…but if the bearings have spun right after a rebuild, either the engine was put together wrong, wrong parts were used, or not lubricated properly upon installation…or the guy just had no clue.

OK, thanks.

Dodge Engine Ticking

I installed a new fuel injector on my car and now it makes a loud constant ticking from the top of the engine. I took it back out and noticed it wasn’t completely round at the spray end. Could that be the cause of the loud ticking? Thanks.

Answer: Yes, that could be the source of your noise. Either the injector was not the correct one and is loo long and is hitting something in the engine, or, when you did the job, something fell into the engine and is banging around and hit the injector.

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