Can’t Shift Into Gear on My 2000 Dodge Truck

I have a 2000 Dodge 2500 Cummins Diesel and its been sitting for awhile. it got moved about thirty yards away but anyway now it wont shift into any gears. it feels like the lever is just sliding up and down

Hello, how did it get moved? Did you drive it?

No it was in a park n fly at the airport. the people there said they just towed it on a dolly but i was backed up to a fence so im not sure how they did it.

Alright, I would bet that they disconnected the shift cable at the transmission so they could roll the truck since you had it in park. They probably did not reinstall the cable, or didn’t do it correctly.

OK. Could i put it back by myself?

Yes, you should be able to, it is easily reachable. If you can get under the truck look for the linkage on the side of the transmission. It will either be hanging free from the linkage lever, or not on all the way. You should be able to just push it right on.

So no tools or anything it will just slide on? and that would make the lever just be able to slide around right.

Correct, it should pop right on the ball of the lever, and if it’s off then yes your shift lever would just flop up and down and have no feel to it.

Thanks. is there anything else it could possibly be or is this more than likely the problem.

From what you describe, and them having towed it, that is usually what happens in my experience. The guy will usually disconnect the shift cable so he can manually get it out of park so they can roll the vehicle. That’s the best place to start!

OK. That’s awesome thanks a lot. and once its popped back on it should just stay in right?

Yes, if it’s clipped on all the way it will stay on, unless they broke something!

And this was extremely helpful iv been googling this for over a hour and you helped me in two seconds.

Well thanks! We’re here to help! This is the ONLY chat like this on the Internet.

2006 Dodge pickup

It feels like the front end locks up when in four wheel drive and turning sharp. Is this a cv joint dosn’t seem to be any slop in either.

Tthat is a normal condition when in four wheel drive mode and turning sharply. The wheel can’t roll as easily while engaged, and it will be like a ‘skipping’ or locking up sensation as you roll through a turn. Nothing to worry about.


Dodge Caravan Transmission Noise

158k on an ’06 Dodge Caravan, big 6……. . When shifting from 1st to 2nd with a bit of throttle, it sort of clunks in. The more acceleration the more the clunk, also when turning it seems to clunk a bit more as well. The higher the Rs the more disturbing the clunk. If you’re ultra easy on the peddle at lower Rs, it hardly clunks. Is it worn gears, differential, loose something or other or what?

Answer: You could have an engine or transmission mount gone bad. Put your foot on brake firmly, snap the gas several times while someone looks under the hood to see if there is excessive movement of the engine. Do this in forward and reverse. If there is not a lot, then it does sound like something internally in the transmission.

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