Jeep Transmission And Ignition Problem

I drive a 2007 jeep commander, lately it has been not accelerating properly when I try to quickly accelerate. It drives fine sometimes but recently when I’m driving it will not allow me to accelerate and I have to come to a stop in order for it to fix again.

I’m thinking transmission but would like an alternative opinion.

ANSWER: Yes, it does sound like a transmission problem. The trans could have a sticking valve or malfunctioning shift solenoid. You need to check the fluid level and condition. See if it look or smells burned. You could try getting a transmission filter and fluid change. Put a cleaning additive in first and drive a few miles to get it to circulate. This will sometimes free up a sticking valve. If it has a shift solenoid problem, that would need to diagnosed with an electrical schematic and volt meter.

Jeep – Turn Key And Nothing

Ok, I do have a push start already and had to turn to the on position in order for it to start but now I turn the key and does nothing….but dome light works along wih other stuff as well what can I do or check?

ANSWER: Small lights, radio and other thing like that do not require much battery volts / amps to function, so this is not a good test for saying the battery is good. You need to have a load test done on it. Or at least try a jump from another vehicle.

If you confirm the battery is good, check all the fuses. If those are good, then there could be any number of problems- the ignition switch is acting up, the starter is bad, an aftermarket (non-factory) start or alarm system is acting up,ETC.